“Let nature nourish your mind, body + spirit.” – Kodo

At Nimmo Bay, we share common values with Kodo, especially when it comes to the attention, detail and love that goes into each and every product. What is Kodo? Keep reading to find out about this local company that we just can’t get enough of!

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The Kodo Collection includes carefully crafted, small batch skincare, body care and aromatherapy products made in Victoria, BC. Using simple recipes, with only the freshest, plant-based, natural and organic ingredients, these products are active and effective; the healthier choice for humans and our planet.

By using Kodo self-care products you are choosing the healthier option for yourself, your family and your friends. Kodo does not use chemicals, preservatives, fillers, petroleum, or synthetic fragrances. They are cruelty free and only test on their human friends! At Nimmo Bay, we are thrilled to offer Kodo in both our spa services and for sale in our Pro Shop.

“It’s simple – we started making beautiful, natural skin + body care products that make people feel good, and that makes us feel good.” – Reyna, Kodo founder

Made In Victoria

Q & A with Reyna:

Did you grow up on Vancouver Island?

Yes, I am an island girl! I was born in Comox and was raised in Victoria, and I love it here. I don’t know that I would ever want to live anywhere else.

Can you tell us about your business and how it all started?

I started Kodo about 2 years ago. My love affair with natural and organic beauty products started about 15 years ago when I started working for a green beauty company. I learned the importance of sourcing and using high quality, organic ingredients. I learned about how organic vs non-organic ingredients not only affected us (humans), but also the planet. During this time, I would seek solace in making and creating products at home for myself, my friends and my family. It was fun! It was a way for me to explore and feed my creativity, often it was a form of expression, and ultimately it was a way to do something nice for someone else. I love working with essential oils, and aromatherapy, it can be so mood and memory driven, it has so much feeling attached to it. When I create blends I am trying to create or capture or re-capture a feeling, a moment or a mood.

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There seems to be a growing shift towards healthier beauty routines.
Can you tell us a bit more about your ingredients?

Using purely organic and wildcrafted ingredients is vital to what we create. We will not be persuaded to do otherwise. Organic ingredients can be more difficult to source, they are more expensive and are available in limited quantities, which can sometimes make things challenging. However, when you really start to look at how organic vs non-organic ingredients impact us, the people who have the luxury to use these products, every time we apply, mist, or roll-on a beauty product we are absorbing the ingredients into our entire system. When people choose to use Kodo products, I want them to feel comfortable and confident that there are only safe and healthy ingredients inside each bottle.

I also want to support growers that grow, cultivate and harvest sustainably and with integrity. I hope that by purchasing only organic ingredients it will help demonstrate to growers that this is what people want and that there is a demand for it.

Why do organic plants have stronger and healthier properties?

By using ingredients that are free from pesticides and fertilizers we are using a plant that’s properties are much stronger than if it were grown and treated with chemicals. Chemicals allow the plant to relax and when the plant relaxes it doesn’t have to fight as much to survive, therefore its immune system (properties) are not as rich or as powerful as an organic plant.

What are your bestsellers for the spring and summer season? 

The most popular this season seem to be the Flora Restorative Face + Body Oil, Calm Hydrating Skin Soother, and Eucalyptus Body Polish.


At Nimmo Bay, our massage therapists use Kodo’s beautiful aromatherapy blends, Breathe and Dream, along with their Eucalyptus Body Polish. Guests can also find Kodo moisturizing lip balms and their Breathe aromatherapy roll-on for sale in our Pro Shop.


The Breathe aromatherapy roll-on is a refreshing and revitalizing blend of peppermint and lavender. It is a natural remedy for headaches and stress, and Reyna suggests that it is the perfect travel companion – coming in handy on your journey to and from Nimmo Bay!


Plant-based ingredients hold powerful healing qualities, and if you haven’t had a chance to try Kodo yet, we suggest that you do! Kodo brings nature to you with their beautiful products and thoughtfully sourced, organic ingredients, reminding us to create small daily rituals that feed our mind, body and spirit.

“For the modern naturalist.” – Kodo

Website: www.kodocollection.com
Instagram: @kodocollection

Nimmo Bay photos taken by Jeremy Koreski, all others are courtesy of Kodo Collection.