A Sustainable Community



We strive to live a life in balance, explore mindfully, tread lightly and give more back to the land and our community than we take.

Rooted In Respect For The Wild

From the beginning, the Murray family has strived to create and share their dream of living off the land, while minimizing their footprint on the environment itself. That’s why you’ll find landmark innovations like our hydro power system fueled by streams and waterfalls, providing clean drinking water and up to 80% of our resort’s power needs, as well as floating docks in lieu of deforested land. We sustainably source our culinary ingredients, support local farms, makers, and surrounding communities through tourism and education, compost, recycle, carry out excess waste, convert our waste water to clean water suitable for re-entry to the environment, and fund groundbreaking wildlife research and fin-fishing aquaculture activism.

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