A Sustainable Community



We strive to live a life in balance, explore mindfully, tread lightly and give more back to the land and our community than we take.

Rooted In Respect For The Wild

From the beginning, the Murray family has strived to create and share their dream of living off the land, while minimizing their footprint on the environment itself. That’s why you’ll find landmark innovations like our hydro power system fueled by streams and waterfalls, providing clean drinking water and up to 80% of our resort’s power needs, as well as floating docks in lieu of deforested land. We sustainably source our culinary ingredients, support local farms, makers, and surrounding communities through tourism and education, compost, recycle, carry out excess waste, convert our waste water to clean water suitable for re-entry to the environment, and fund groundbreaking wildlife research and fin-fishing aquaculture activism.


Smokehouse Foundation

Nimmo Bay is a proud supporter of the Smokehouse Foundation.
It began as a not-for-profit organization closely connected to the people and places surrounding Nimmo Bay. With a move to becoming a charitable organization, Smokehouse Foundation is excited to continue supporting local, coastal Indigenous communities and peoples living in remote areas. Smokehouse’s projects include environmental protection & restoration, infrastructure improvements including internet access, job training and skill-building camps, and providing digital access to counselling and health professionals. Working in conjunction with community members, they help promote a healthy and prosperous future with the goal of reconnecting people to their territories.

Sea To Cedar

Fraser and Becky Murray are founding members of Sea to Cedar, an organization supporting community-driven environmental research and stewardship. As funding partners, we work closely with the Sea to Cedar team on various collaborative projects; primarily the Coastal Carnivore conservation and mapping project, as well as collecting and documenting salmon genetics through the innovative Catch, Clip, Release initiative.

The Coastal Carnivore project is important to us at Nimmo Bay, as we offer sustainable bear viewing to our guests and are working to protect these majestic animals’ habitats. If they wish, Nimmo Bay guests can participate by collecting hair samples, checking the wildlife cameras in our region and by choosing to support sustainable bear viewing resorts like ours. To learn more about Sea to Cedar, or to donate, please visit their website.

Climate Friendly

We strongly believe that we can be Climate Friendly, and we achieve this through Carbon Responsible actions for both ourselves and our guests.

In our quest to become Climate Friendly, we have:

  • Installed a water-powered electricity system
  • Reduced our Greenhouse Gas emissions
  • Implemented a hydroxyl waste management system
  • Adopted an Ecosystem-Based Management strategy
  • Defined our carbon emissions as accurately as possible

To offset our carbon footprint, which cannot be further reduced, we have elected to be Carbon Responsible and invest in local carbon reduction and conservation projects.

Bullets for Binos

Starting in 2012, Nimmo Bay presented a unique incentive to hunters in British Columbia. The Bullets for Binos program offered the opportunity to trade in a coveted license to trophy hunt a Grizzly bear for a bear viewing trip for 2 people to Nimmo Bay! We collected over 10 tags, effectively saving as many bears and changing the perception of the hunters involved.

After years of lobbying, the British Columbia government banned trophy hunting of Grizzly bears province-wide. Nimmo Bay played a pivotal role in rallying public support for the ban.

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