Top 10 questions

  • How do I get to Nimmo Bay? What are the flight times and connection information I need to know?

    Your journey to our remote wilderness resort in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest begins in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – so please book your own flights to arrive at YVR International airport. From here, our team is here to help book your travel to and from Nimmo Bay, as well as to help plan additional experiences for you within our beautiful province of British Columbia. 

    We are happy to offer flight service between Vancouver and Port Hardy, located on Vancouver Island. Guests will then transfer to float planes for the short trip from Port Hardy to Nimmo Bay. Arrival and departure times to Nimmo Bay are fixed and take place in the late afternoon and early evening. Departures to Nimmo Bay are scheduled for the afternoon from Vancouver on arrival days, with returns to Vancouver in the evening on departure days. The flight to Port Hardy is one hour. We also offer the option to charter private float planes from any coastal destination or to fly directly to Vancouver or Port Hardy via private jet. Our team is happy to help with any and all travel arrangements – just let us know your preferences. 

    If possible, we suggest that guests arrive in Vancouver the night before connections to Nimmo  Bay, to avoid any complications due to flight delays. If arriving in Vancouver on the same day as your connection, please arrive no later than 1pm to ensure there is enough time to clear customs, collect your bags, have a bite to eat and transfer terminals. On departure day from Nimmo Bay, we encourage guests to spend the night in Vancouver before flying onto their next destination. If guests book a flight on the evening of departure from Nimmo Bay we suggest a scheduled departure no earlier than 9:00pm from YVR.

  • Does Nimmo Bay have an age restriction?  Is it suitable for grandparents and very young children?

    Nimmo Bay has always been a family-run and operated resort, welcoming guests of all ages to accomodate groups travelling as families. We have played host to 2-month olds as well as adults who were well into their 90s. We pride ourselves on facilitating connection and discovery in a truly wild natural setting, accessible by all ages. We offer a nanny service (pre-booking required) so that parents can enjoy a romantic dinner, couples’ massage or activities that may not be as suitable for little ones. However, most of our activities are designed to accommodate children. We also have an educational kids program to keep busy young brains and bodies active! 

    Your stay at Nimmo Bay is all about customizable experiences, and we love to help families plan which activities will work best for their group. Be sure to let our team know your preferences when booking.

  • How do I select the right cabin for my trip?

    We have 2 cabin types at Nimmo Bay: 6 recently remodelled, oceanview intertidal cabins, plus 3 cozy forest cabins located alongside our local waterfall and peaceful stream. All cabins are approximately 700 square feet and include 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a lounge area, wet bar, coffee/tea station and patio. There are several different layouts to suit different groups and family sizes, which help our team ensure you are assigned the best cabin for your group type. Based on availability, you may choose to reserve a preferred cabin type (Intertidal or Forest) for an additional $450 a night per cabin. Otherwise we will do our best to assign your group with the most suitable available cabin.

  • What is the best time of year to visit?

    We welcome guests 6 months of the year, from the middle of May to the end of October. This time frame allows for a great deal of variety from Mother Nature, including seasonal availability of certain activities such as wildlife viewing and anticipated weather events. Each season has its own highlights, from the wild foods we forage in the springtime, to incredible grizzly bear viewing in the fall.

    There are two distinct seasons at Nimmo Bay starting in 2024. Evergreen and Energized, which runs from mid-May to mid-June and Wild and Refined, which runs from mid-June to October.

    Evergreen and Energized is our newest season for 2024, running from late Spring into the Summer. You will receive a highly personalized trip when booking during this time. It’s perfect for exploring the culinary wonders that the water and land have to offer. The rainforest is lush and ripe for trekking and days are best spent paddling around the ocean inlets.

    Wild and Refined flows from the summer into the fall months and includes a highly personalized Nimmo Bay experience as well. The bears are emerging from the forest to feed on salmon and pods of whales are swimming throughout the coastal waters. Experience the rush of observing wildlife in their natural habitat.

    We recommend first letting our team know what you are hoping to experience and what the intention of your stay is, which will help us narrow down the best time for you to visit.

  • What is the food like and can I see the menu?

    At Nimmo Bay, you can expect your dining experience to be a big part of your wilderness adventure. We pride ourselves on sourcing the best, local ingredients and creating a menu that delights and surprises even the most discerning diners. Our sophisticated and approachable menu changes with the seasons, as certain wild ingredients become more or less available. There are always multiple options to choose from. We provide kid-friendly menu choices for picky young palates, plus delicious vegan and vegetarian meal options for all our guests. Please let our team know of any dietary restrictions or requests you may have prior to arrival.

  • I have a serious food allergy. Can you accommodate my dietary restrictions?

    We are happy to accommodate all dietary restrictions and food allergies. Please inform our team of your requirements during the booking process and be as detailed as possible about your needs when completing our Guest Information Form so that our culinary team can prepare for your arrival.

  • Do I need to pre-book my activities?

    Helicopter day-trips, Coastal Safaris, Romance in the Wild, Wellness in the Wild, Culinary Experiences and full-day wellness treatment options should be pre-booked in order to ensure availability. Most other activities such as kayaking, hiking, and paddle boarding are planned on-site by our concierge team, who will meet with you during your first evening at the lodge to go over the options. Day-to-day plans are refined and customized when you arrive so that we can take into account the weather, wildlife behaviour, your preferences and energy levels each day.

  • How do I book massages and wellness treatments?

    Most of our wellness treatments can be booked on-site with the concierge team. However, if you are interested in a full-day wellness journey, please let us know ahead of time so we can help curate your ideal experiences.

  • What are your most popular activities? What do most guests do at Nimmo Bay?

    At Nimmo Bay, everything is customized to suit your individual needs and the interests of your group. We don’t have set itineraries or fixed routes for our excursions. Rather, we work with you ahead of time and upon arrival to tailor your time at the lodge to match your personal intentions for your trip. Most guests choose to book at least one day that includes a Coastal Safari boat trip, as well as one other trip enhancement such as a Culinary Experience, Helicopter Trip or wellness day, but the package you choose to design is completely up to you! We are here to help determine the best mix of action and relaxation for you and your group, and we look forward to helping you plan your stay.

  • How many people can you accommodate at Nimmo Bay?

    We have 9 cabins, each with 2 bedrooms and various sleeping arrangements. Our capacity depends on the type of group you are and how many children will be sharing a cabin with their parents (children under the age of 12 years must stay in the same cabin as their guardian). For example, team or corporate retreats are best planned for no more than 18 people, but we can comfortably host a family gathering of up to 26 people if it includes children. Speak with our booking team for further details on accommodating your group.

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