Six Things we’re Thankful For

Moments we’ll Cherish

This is a time for reflection at Nimmo Bay. As our 42nd season comes to a close, we’re looking back at some of our favourite things from the last 7 months. These are the things we hold near and dear to our hearts and that truly showcase bits of Nimmo magic.

Nimmo Bay Magic

COzy Cabins

A warm place to rest your head in the middle of the wilderness is pure luxury. Whether it’s our shady forest cabins tucked in close to the waterfall and a babbling stream, or the photo worthy, red-roofed, waterfront cabins that greet you as you fly into the resort. These are world-class cottages, stocked with the fluffiest robes, indulgent bath and body products, and filled with fresh cookies, they’re our home-away-from home.

NImmo Bay Cabins

warm Crackling Fires

Fire is essential for life, and it’s essential to Nimmo Bay. From cooking in a wood-fired oven in the original lodge to the iconic fire dock that welcomes you to Nimmo Bay today. The crackle of wood is a soundtrack that resonates through our buildings and floats on the air surrounding the docks. Whether it’s a warm summer day, or a cool autumn evening, Nimmo Bay is a welcome place for a fire all season long. The fire-scapes don’t just stop at the edge of the resort, they float on-top of the water as well. Imagine yourself seated at a floating picnic table, surrounded by mountains on every side. You’ve got the perfect set up to enjoy the sweet treat of fire roasted s’mores with your friends and family.

wood fired oven

Good Company at the Table

Food brings people together. It’s a shared experience and a moment of true connection where friends and family can spend time sharing, eating, and laughing. Seeing guests sit down surrounded by loved ones in our restaurant, Little River, is a moment we are so grateful to share in. Additionally, we take great pride in creating intimate, outdoor spaces in the wild for big table dinners. Plus, nothing warms our hearts more than sitting down as a team to eat a meal together. Not all co-workers can say they eat dinner together every night! It’s a special bond that we share.

Dining at Nimmo Bay

FLowing Melodies

Music nights have been a tradition at Nimmo Bay since its inception. It started simply, just founder Craig Murray and his guitar around a fire. To this day, live music is still an important part of so many trips throughout the season. These are nights where guests and team members can connect, outside of their daily roles. We make music together; dancing, laughing, singing, and playing, filled with pure joy. Everyone is welcome with open arms and the oxytocin flows freely. This is a community we will continue to foster and appreciate every single year.

Nimmo Bay Camp fire

Pacific Northwest Vibes

The wild season is quintessential Great Bear Rainforest wilderness. It’s full-on sweater weather as we’re embraced by the mist and soothing pitter patter of rain on the surface of the water. It’s also a time where a few of our favourite wildlife species emerge from the forest. In the fall, we’re lucky to be greeted by the incredible and powerful presence of the Grizzly bear. This is the best time to view these beautiful animals and it never ceases to amaze… Every. Single. Time.

Great Beat Rainforest

Moments of Repose

The late autumn and winter months for our team make up the restful season. While our cups are so full of joy from the 2023 season, it’s necessary for everyone to recharge their batteries. From vacations and visiting family and friends, to taking on growth seeking educational opportunities, our team will spread out over the globe for the next 6 months. Next Spring, we’ll gather back home in British Columbia, refreshed and ready to welcome you to the Great Bear Rainforest and showcase our world-class hospitality.

NImmo Bay Cabin

Photos by Jeremy Koreski

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