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A Reputation For Excellence

Our warm and adventurous team members are at the heart of every Nimmo experience. They are expert sommeliers, soulful practitioners, fly casters, pilots, culinary inventors, and wilderness guides. Mostly, they want to share their love for this wild, special place with you.


Driven To Create Connections

At Nimmo Bay, we are passionate about creating lifelong memories inspired by our wild surroundings. Our return guests remind us that although they will never forget our pristine location, spectacular adventures and soul-restoring experiences – it is the people who work at Nimmo Bay that truly make the memories last.

Culinary | Mixologist


Our creative team members have been known to go above and beyond, every single time. With subtlety and unprecedented attention to detail, we ensure no guest leaves our resort without experiencing a truly personal touch. When booking your anniversary trip, for example, please don’t hesitate to let our team know the bottle of wine served at your wedding. With the help of our beautiful natural surroundings, it is our distinct pleasure to take your breath away.

Career Opportunities

Nimmo Bay is always looking for talented, passionate hospitality and tourism professionals who are keen to go above and beyond to create exceptional guest experiences. If this sounds like you, please submit your cover letter and resume to hr@nimmobay.com. We’d love to hear from you.

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Staff Testimonials

  • Nimmo Bay is more than a job. In my 12 years working for the Murray family at Nimmo Bay I have made some of my best friends, I have met amazing role models and mentors and have been challenged to grow, learn and think outside of the box. Nimmo Bay is the most inspiring and creative place I have ever worked and the people I work with and the guests we get to serve make me love going to work every morning!

    Brianna Sloan

  • I have been working in hospitality for twenty years and can say Nimmo Bay is at the pinnacle of providing people-first service. What I mean by this is that the Murray family has created a team culture that fosters supporting their employees and really forces everyone to bring their best, most creative and positive self to the table.

    Kyle Gartlan-Close

    Close close
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