Tips for Travelling with Teens

Time to Pack your Bags

Travelling as a family is the most incredible and rewarding experience. You’ll create life-long memories together, both you and your loved-ones. Travelling with little kids or teenagers can pose some challenges and there will be moments of frustration (for the kids and the parents!). But, that doesn’t mean that it’s not still worthwhile to get everybody out the door, in the boat, or on the plane.

A Top Family Destination

Hosting families is one of our absolute favourite things at Nimmo Bay. We’ve been doing this for over 40 years and like to say we’ve seen it all. Season after season, trip after trip, we have picked up on some top tips for travelling as a family.

Travel is transformative, and it really is worth it to travel with your whole family if you can… even your sometimes indifferent teenagers.

A Top Family Destination

Tips for Vacationing with Teens

1. GEt them Involved in the Planning

To start off on the right foot, get your teens involved early on in the process. Everyone wants to be heard, and that’s no different for teenagers. When you bring them into the fold, they’ll be able to express their interests and ideas early on. This will create a sense of ownership over the upcoming trip. Ahead of selecting Nimmo Bay as your next family destination, go over the website with them or scroll through Instagram together and get a feel for the resort.

2. Let them do their own packing

Sit down ahead of time and make a list together of the things they want to pack (just a little assurance that the essentials aren’t missed!). You can go over the weather and activities when making the list too. Share a few reminders along the way, like any weight restrictions on luggage or that they’ll be responsible for carrying their own bags. And just in-case anything does get lost in the shuffle, Nimmo has a secret stock of luxury essentials and adventure gear to get you through the week.

Travelling with Teens - Let them do their own packing

3. Test out a Digital Detox

Nimmo Bay is surrounded by miles and miles of wilderness, it’s the perfect place for a digital detox for the whole family. If that sounds too daunting, maybe let’s call it a digital fast, a practice you take on for a short period of time.

When you’re exploring deep in the forest or racing across the ocean waters, you’re completely disconnected from the outside world. There are so many incredible things to do at the resort, you won’t miss the phone. But before you arrive, it’s important to tell your teens that they’ll be going to a location with no service and limited wifi. This is not a surprise you’ll want to spring on them.

Travelling with Teens - Digital Detox

However, if your teen is cringing at the thought of being out-of-touch with their usual day-to-day, there is wifi in spaces around the resort. So, make good on a plan to dedicate minimal time in the morning or the evening for some screen time. Your teen will be able to post a few photos from the day before and catch up on messages from their friends. Remember, you must also be an example for them, keep your phone tucked away at the same time!

We know phones can be great for memory capturing, so pick some adventures where your teen can be the photographer. Top tip, when posed photo’s feel like a struggle, embrace the selfie! Or take it one step further and let the Nimmo team hire a photographer for your trip. Have a professional capture your vacation, while your family embraces every moment to the fullest.

In as little as 3 days, you can start to reap the benefits of a digital detox. Increased eye contact during chats around the dinner table creates deeper connections with your family. Time away from your devices can relieve stress and increase positive moods. Hopefully, your teens will also notice they’re having the best sleep in a long long time.

Benefits of Digital Detox

4. Take on a Challenge with your Teen

This potentially falls into the category of letting your teen pick an activity. If they pick something you’ve never done before, getting out of your comfort zone can be challenging. Is your teen super excited about snorkelling? Is it something you’re hesitant to do? Don’t stay on the boat and watch, do your best to go all in. Jump into the magical ocean waters with the family, you won’t regret it.

Take on a challenge with your teen

5. Downtime is Key

First off, teenagers need sleep. It may be easy to perceive a sleep-in as laziness, but they need rest for the intense growth and development they’re going through. So, on vacation it’s important to accept that early mornings might not be a priority even when you want to make the most of each day. Embrace the slow morning as a way for everyone to have some independent time. Parents can take part in a morning paddle or yoga class, while the kids fuel up on sleep for the rest of the day. Some solo downtime is also incredibly important for the same reason. If you think about when you’re at home, your teen has a refuge within their room. They’re able to spend some time on their own and decompress.

All the cabins at Nimmo Bay have 2 bedrooms. Depending on your family orientation, kids will likely have their own room, or even their own cabin. This will help them find the privacy and space they need during this time of life. There are also a ton of lovely and comfy nooks around the resort for your teenager to cozy-up in. This gives you time to do your own thing too! Take advantage of those moments and book yourself a relaxing spa treatment with our wellness team.

Downtime is key

6. Travel with Friends

If you’re able too, travel with friends! Bringing a friend or two on vacation with you is a great tool for getting them excited for a trip. They’ll be entertained and feel more comfortable in themselves with one of their closest friends in tow. Due to the inclusive nature of coming to Nimmo Bay, you also won’t have to worry about your teens racking up any additional bills while they explore the resort without you.

Go with the flow

7. Go With the Flow

This last tip is for the parents… It’s a reminder that sometimes you just have to let it go. For so many of us, it can be challenging to release control, especially when things don’t go to plan. This sensation is heightened when you’re on vacation where things have been meticulously planned and you might be on a once-in-a-lifetime trip. However, if your teenager suddenly decides that they don’t want to do something or they want to do something different, try your best not to let it derail the trip. By avoiding that hurt and not taking it personally, you can crack on without any arguments and just look forward to the next thing.

We have witnessed so many families walk these docks and experience life-changing moments. There’s something about Nimmo Bay that fosters deeper communication and connections.

Family Bonding with your Teens at Nimmo Bay

We hope to see you and your family soon!

Photography: Jeremy Koreski

Words: Alexandra Janes

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