Taste the Wild: A Food Lovers Dream

A Culinary Enhancement

Food is connection, food is joy, food is nourishment, and food tells stories. At Nimmo Bay, we are lovers of food and delight in thinking outside the box and creating culinary wonders and experiences that we can share with you, our guests.

Taste the Wild is our culinary offering to you. Like a recipe, it’s the result of years of testing and perfecting. We invite you to share in an unforgettable and lifechanging culinary experience in the wilds of the Great Bear Rainforest. With our Taste the Wild enhancement, you’ll have one-on-one time with a world-class chef and feast on local delicacies of the bountiful coast we’re so lucky to be situated on.

Fresh Ingredients at Nimmo Bay

What Others Have to Say

“From the moment you step foot on the dock, it is clear that a visit to this remote luxury retreat is a culinary experience first and then a wilderness adventure. Every excursion is an excuse for a gourmet picnic, and every meal is an opportunity for them to exceed your expectations.”

Dawn Postnikoff, Edible Vancouver Island

The remote setting of Nimmo Bay sets the stage for you and your group to indulge in food and drink together, where you can be completely immersed and distraction free.

Taste The Wild Dining Experience

WhAT TO EXPECT During this Culinary High

This dawn to dark experience is booked in addition to Nimmo Bay’s inclusive package and infuses one day of the trip with experiential culinary themed excursions and activities. Land and sea will come alive through food and beverage as the elite team at Nimmo Bay guide you in adventures that elevate both connections to place and palate.

Taste of the Wild Dish

We’ve decided to give you a sneak peek into what a day of Taste the Wild might include.

1. Snorkel With A Chef

Take a beautiful boat ride out to a secluded inlet with your own personal chef. Decked out in snorkel gear, dive into the ocean and explore the lush underwater landscape. You’ll see fish, sea cucumbers, and sea urchin of all shapes and colours. As you swim around, the chef will prepare a fresh uni tasting for you to enjoy.

2. Outdoor Cookout

Get excited to share a luxurious meal in the wild. This will truly be the ultimate outdoor dining experience. The Nimmo Bay cookouts are legendary, and you’ll be treated to the freshest local fare from land and sea that you could ever imagine.

Exclusive Nimmo Bay Goodies

3. Exclusive Nimmo Goodies

Prepare to be pampered with the best snacks, treats, and special beverages that our kitchen and front of house team can whip up! These homemade goodies will be sprinkled throughout your day from morning to night.

4. Private Dinner

Share in a private dining experience together. Enjoy a meal with friends and family in your own personal space or dine at the pass in our world-class restaurant Little River. You’ll get to watch our kitchen team in action as they prepare the evenings mouth-watering courses.

Private Dinner at Nimmo Bay

This is just a taste of what we’ll have in store for you during this day-long culinary package. From sun-up to sun-down, you’ll be pampered with all the local and seasonal ingredients you can imagine, with exclusive access to our team of food and beverage professionals.

Sear Urchins found at Nimmo Bay

Photography: Jeremy Koreski

Words: Alexandra Janes

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