How to Get to Nimmo Bay

Nimmo Bay Luxury Wilderness Resort

The Magic of Remote

Nimmo Bay is located in the remote inlets of the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia.

The unique, secluded nature of the resort is one of the things that makes Nimmo Bay such a special destination.

You are surrounded by towering coastal mountains and richly biodiverse ocean. Waking up in the middle of wild British Columbia, to the sounds of birds chirping and the rush of the waterfall, is an experience unlike any other.

It also offers a place to disconnect from the business of your city life, and truly connect with nature, yourself, and the loved ones you have with you.

Great Bear Rainforest

See the World from a Float Plane

However, with Nimmo Bay being a literal hidden gem, many of you wonder how to actually get here. Well, the adventure starts right from the very beginning. There are no roads to or from the resort, so you can strike driving off the list. The only way to access Nimmo Bay is by water, with guests arriving by float plane.

The experience of flying over the Broughton Archipelago is awe-inspiring. With its bright blue waters, forest covered mountains, and peaking down at the waters to see if you’ll get lucky and spot a breaching whale. Every direction you look is filled with vast, wild landscape.

experience of flying over the Broughton Archipelago

Three Ways to Get to Nimmo Bay

There are typically 3 main ways to travel to the resort. First would be booking our Vancouver/Nimmo Bay transfers, which includes a flight from Vancouver to Port Hardy (followed by float plane to the resort). Secondly, by private float plane charter from anywhere in BC, or lastly, drive-up Vancouver Island and then take a float plane. These options can cater to a variety of budgets, while prioritizing your comfort and safety. Let’s lay out the options in a bit more detail below.


The Vancouver/Nimmo Bay Transfer + Float Plane

Starting off with the most common way people travel to Nimmo Bay. We offer a Vancouver to Nimmo Bay flight package. First, you will plan your own travel to Vancouver, British Columbia. From there, the package begins. It includes a 1-hour flight between Vancouver’s South Terminal Airport (YVR) and Port Hardy. Port Hardy is a small town at the North end of Vancouver Island and is the hub for all the float plane trips into the resort. Next, you’ll take a 20-minute scenic float plane flight between Port Hardy and Nimmo Bay.

This option for the 2024 season is $1,999 CAD per person, round trip.


Drive to Port Hardy + Float Plane

This is a great option if you are travelling to Nimmo Bay on a budget. It’s also the best route if you want to add to your vacation by taking time to explore beautiful Vancouver Island. The end destination on your drive is Port Hardy, which is at the North tip of the island.

Starting in Vancouver, there are two ferry’s you could take to get to the island. One is from Tsawwassen Terminal to Victoria. The drive to Port Hardy from Victoria takes about 6 hours. The second is Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo. The drive to Port Hardy from Nanaimo is approximately 4 hours. Typically, people will spend a night on Vancouver Island on the way to and from Port Hardy. You will be taking a float plane as your final leg of the journey from Port Hardy. The float planes depart around 4:30 pm, landing in Nimmo Bay 20 minutes later.

The 2024 cost for the floatplane transfer is $800 CAD per person, roundtrip.


Private Float Plane CharteR

A private float plane is the ultimate luxury when travelling to Nimmo Bay. This is the scenic route in full effect. Soaring over the mountains and coastal inlets of British Columbia is a breathtaking experience. It’s also the perfect option if you’re looking to cut down on travel time and fly privately. You’ll avoid transfers, line-ups, layovers, and large airports. Our reservations team are happy to help arrange for a direct float plane charter from Vancouver or any other west coast destination, like Victoria, Tofino, or Seattle.

From Vancouver, the 2-hour private charter starts at around $6,600 CAD (2024) one-way and increases with the size of the plane and/or number of passengers.

Any Travel is the Best Travel

Whichever way you choose to get to Nimmo Bay, the team is here to help and make sure all your travel plans run smoothly.

Your trip doesn’t start and end on the dock of the resort. The experience of flying through the air over the majestic BC coastline is one of the most memorable parts of visiting Nimmo Bay. You won’t soon forget splashing down into the bay, rounding the corner, and seeing the iconic red roofed cabins for the first time.

Nimmo Bay Luxury Resort


Have any more questions? Check out our FAQ about travel to Nimmo Bay.

  • Which flights do I need to book for myself?

    Our reservations team will be happy to book any flights you may require from Vancouver onwards. Arriving in BC will be up to you when planning your trip.

  • Are there weight limits for luggage?

    There is a 35lbs per person weight allowance, and luggage must be in soft-sided duffle bags.

  • Is there parking at Port Hardy?

    If you’re driving, there is paid parking at the airport in Port Hardy. Additionally, if you’re leaving from Vancouver, there is also paid parking at the South Terminal at YVR.

  • Will I ever take a helicopter to Nimmo Bay?

    As we mentioned above, the typical way that guests get to Nimmo Bay is by float plane. However, if available, a helicopter transfer could be arranged at an additional price.

  • Will I ever take a boat to Nimmo Bay?

    Arriving and leaving Nimmo Bay via float plane is what a typical trip will look like. On occasion, Mother Nature may have different plans which can require us to lean on our fleet of boats for a transfer.

  • What time do I need to book my flights to land in Vancouver?

    To avoid any stress of flight delays, we always suggest landing the day before your stay to Nimmo Bay. However, if flying the day-of, please arrive in Vancouver by noon. This will allow enough time to collect your bags, go through customs, have a quick lunch, and transfer to the South Terminal. You will return to Vancouver by 6:00 pm and we suggest booking flights after 9: 00 pm or the next day, if possible.

  • What are the typical transfer times in Port Hardy?

    Due to Nimmo Bay’s boutique size and remote location, we have strict arrival and departure times. To line up with our check-in times, the float planes depart Port Hardy airport around 4:45pm. You will be landing at Nimmo Bay 20 minutes later. Guests will leave Nimmo Bay by 2:00 pm on their departure day, arriving back in Port Hardy around 2:30 pm.

  • Can Nimmo Bay help with our pre & post travel plans?

    Our Nimmo Bay team is here to help every step of the way. We have various destination guides to help you with your trip planning and can extend some special hotel rates for Vancouver. Ask our team for more details and recommendations!

Photos by Jeremy Koreski

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