Your Personalized Wellness Retreat

Join us for Wellness within the Wild

Welcome to your curated wellness experience, a full 3 or 4-day personalized rejuvenation retreat, designed with your intentions in mind. This experience is seamlessly woven in throughout your stay, finding the perfect balance between adventure and restoration. This is Wellness Within the Wild at Nimmo Bay.

There is no better place to experience wellness than in the Great Bear Rainforest at Nimmo Bay. We lean on the healing powers of nature, along with our beautiful wellness facilities to create a well-rounded healing space. Studies have shown that even 2 hours in nature per week can increase your health and wellbeing. Being outdoors can increase calmness, boost endorphins, dopamine, and your ability to concentrate. It’s so powerful, people experience relief from irritability and spending time in nature can even lower blood pressure and cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress.

walking in nature, hand touching moss

Meant for Anyone & Everyone

Though an entire wellness retreat dedicated to yourself might feel intimidating, we’re here to break down those barriers. We meet you where you’re at and this retreat is meant for everyone! Whether you want to come by yourself, as a mother daughter duo, a group of friends, or a couple, we welcome all types of groups. You might be going through a significant life change or just want to slow down, or maybe you’ve never even had a massage and simply want to try something new. This retreat can be deep and soul searching or filled with laughs and silliness. You can do side-by-side treatments, as well as go on your own journey. There are no rules to wellness within the wild.

“We are here to help you slow down and luxuriate in the pause, so that you may foster a renewed sense of self-connection and curiosity.”

Bianca Lorage – Head of Wellness
facial treatment on daughter

Utterly Customizable

At the start of your trip, you will sit down with our wellness team for a consultation. We’ll find a cozy corner to chat with a warm cup of tea, and you can share with us whatever you would like. Our team care about how you’re feeling, if you have any tension in the body, what’s going on in your life, and even how you’re sleeping. This will help us tease out what kind of treatments and programs will best improve your wellbeing. This is your opportunity to enter into your own wellness retreat, completely tailored to your needs.

cold therapy and hot sauna

Go beyond our extensive wellness menu with this enhancement. Our wellness team will take what you’ve said during your consultation and curate body treatments and wellness experiences to match. Prepare for a holistic experience combining body work, guided introspection, meditations, and wilderness-based wellness experiences.

Sample Itinerary

Let’s walk through what a few days might look like during this retreat.

Daily Movement & Treatments

Start each morning with a private movement class, which could be breathing, yoga, or Pilates. Or, you can join a group class if you’d rather participate with others. After waking up your body, enjoy a nourishing breakfast cooked up by our world-class kitchen team. The ethos of our culinary program parallels this wellness escape perfectly. You’ll experience some of the best food you have ever eaten. The dishes are seasonal, local, delicious, and nutrient rich. Follow up your meal with a longer treatment, pair a facial with an invigorating massage.

wellness class

A Taste of Adventure

Even though you’re in a wellness focused retreat, you’ll never miss out on any of the adventure of Nimmo Bay. If you are interested, hike through the forest one afternoon with our guide team. Or choose to go on a Coastal Safari and explore the inlets of the Great Bear Rainforest, searching for wildlife along the way. You’ll be surprised at the touches of wellness that get woven into each activity that you do.

boat out on the water for a coastal safari

Surround yourself in Nature

On day 2, you could find yourself doing a full day of forest bathing, embracing the restorative powers of nature. If you’re interested in continuing your wellness journey in the wild, you may also have a bodywork treatment outside, like a relaxing shiatsu massage. Take a trip out to the secluded floating sauna, where you can focus on rejuvenating hot cold therapy. Move from the hot cedar sauna to a cold plunge, diving into the wild ocean waters. Finally, sit down to dine on the edge of the dock, where you’ll be treated to an outdoor lunch in the most serene setting.

Outdoor shiatsu massage

Evening Self-Care

In the evenings, when you return to your cabin, our team has crafted little rituals that you can enjoy on your own. You can take time at night to follow along with journal prompts our team has prepared, or sink into a beautiful tea meditation. Each evening, you’ll wind down in a different way.

cozied up by the fire with a warm tea meditation

Feel safe and Comfortable

It’s our goal to make sure you feel safe in the spaces we bring you too, so you can relax and embrace the time spent in the forest or out on the ocean, maximizing the release of stress. Throughout this retreat, you’ll be encouraged to practice being present in your natural surroundings. Taking deep breaths of fresh air, pausing, and listening to the sounds of the forest, grounding your feet in the life-giving earth.

“We strive to show that wellness can be made simple and that everyone can benefit from embracing the cyclical rhythm of nature. We take pride in the fact that our treatments are customized to the individual that arrives. This means we can support you to the best of our abilities. The value of connection is deeply important to our team. We hope you walk back into your life feeling a greater sense of connection to yourself, to your community, and to the wild spaces around you.”

The Wellness Team
three-legged dog yoga pose

Bring the retreat Home

When you return home at the end of this retreat, we hope that you can take a little piece of Nimmo Bay home with you. Our intention is to help you find your anchor. The practice or thing that will root you in place when you go back in the business of the day-to-day hustle. The tools you can employ to stay completely present in your life.

And if you’ve made it this far…

Stay tuned as we will be beta testing a new one-day version of this enhancement during the summer of 2024.

Words: Alexandra Janes

Photos: Jeremy Koreski

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