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Dive into the favours that make the Great Bear Rainforest so special with this immersive 1-day culinary enhancement. This thoughtfully created addition to your stay will take you on a journey through the senses with culinary experiences designed to reconnect you with the delicacies of nature. Land and sea come alive through food and beverage as our culinary and service team guide you through experiences that elevate your connection to place and palate. Designed for guests who seek to experience through taste, this package will have you savouring the coast every moment of the day. This package includes an intimate culinary experience highlighting our culinary team, a culinary themed coastal excursion, foraging for local wild foods, elevated beverage selections, specially designed hands-on experiences with our passionate food and beverage team and more.


1-day enhancement


Per Person

*Must be booked in addition to the Nimmo Bay Inclusive Experience: based upon availability

This trip enhancement requires pre-booking to ensure our culinary team can prepare for your adventure.

All guests must read and agree to the terms and conditions prior to booking.

Ask us about family rates.

What’s Included

Culinary Inspired Amenities

Curated amenities for you to enjoy throughout the day and take home from our wild pantry to yours. From classic Nimmo Bay recipe cards to special cocktail kits during the day’s adventures and a sabering to cap it all off. Your culinary experience will blend gracefully from sunup to sundown.

Culinary Infused Coastal Excursion

Every meal at Nimmo Bay is different than the last. Sit back and enjoy the journey as we take you out on the ocean for a wilderness excursion like no other. Help collect the freshest ingredients offered up by the bountiful waters. Enjoy harvesting fresh seafood and savour the culinary creations our team create from those offerings.

Elevated Beverages and Curated Pairings

Sip your way through your journey with the help of our world-class sommelier and bar team. With a refined wine list, craft brews, inspired cocktails and carefully crafted coffee and tea, you will savour each satisfying sip.

Connect with our Culinary and Service Teams

Meet the incredible people behind the creations and join them to experience the process behind the dishes. Roll up your sleeves and help bring tide to table, forage for wild ingredients, and learn about the immense wild larder that is the Great Bear Rainforest.


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