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Nimmo Bay offers a stunning platform for observing the majestic coastal bears of British Columbia in their natural habitat, as well as offering opportunities to learn about wild bear ecology from experts in the field.

Black Bears

We often spot black bears from May through October, at low tide from a boat along the rocky shoreline, in the protected bays and estuaries of the Broughton Archipelago. They are an absolute pleasure to watch as they amble along the beach, flipping over rocks, foraging for crab, starfish, seaweed and other local delicacies.

Black Bear | Nimmo Bay
black bear | wildlife viewing

Grizzly Bears

September and October are the best months for grizzly bear viewing as they follow the returning salmon to the local rivers. Grizzly bears are an iconic Canadian animal and there is nothing quite like seeing your first grizzly emerge from the forest.

Great Bear Rainforest
Bears at our Wilderness Lodge
grizzly bear

PlanNING Your

We offer various styles of bear viewing, including both boat and land-based opportunities. Guests interested in bear viewing will meet with our guides upon arrival, and based on current weather conditions, recent wildlife behaviour and the fitness and comfort levels of the group, a plan will be designed and adjusted for your stay.

Respecting The Wild

It is important to remember that wildlife is just that – wild – and that each day, month and season is different. While we can plan trips in the peak season and head to the best areas for wildlife viewing, we do not guarantee sightings and always put the safety of our guests and the animals first. No matter the circumstances, our expert guides will work with you to customize a truly unique, ethical and exciting wilderness viewing experience.

UPHOLDING Ethical Standards

Our guides are certified through the Commercial Bear Viewing Association (CBVA) which was formed to promote sustainable bear viewing in British Columbia and aid in the protection of their ecosystems. We pay membership fees to the CBVA to support their work. We also purchase conservation licenses through the CBVA for each guest who participates in a bear-viewing day, with revenues going directly to the Grizzly Bear Foundation.

Bear watching FAQ

  • Where do you take your guests to see the Grizzly Bears? Around the rivers in the area of Nimmo Bay? Can they also be seen around the lodge?

    We take our guests in search of grizzly bears in the inlet system where Nimmo Bay is located, as well as farther afield throughout the Broughton Archipelago. Occasionally, bears can be seen foraging in the intertidal zone near the lodge itself.

  • Do you have a designated scientist/biologist/ecologist on board to accompany the bear viewings?

    All of our guides are naturalists. A few of them are scientists and/or biologists who also work on bear research or other types of biology and environmental science within the field. Our guides are certified through the Commercial Bear Viewing Association (CBVA).

  • Are your guides from the area?

    Some of our guides are local to the Broughton Archipelago, while others split their time in cities where they attend school or nurture careers that support their ability to work in tourism and conservation programs within more rural areas of British Columbia.

  • What type of training and qualifications do they have?

    Nimmo Bay’s guides are certified through the Commercial Bear Viewing Association (CBVA) which was formed to promote sustainable bear viewing in British Columbia and aid in the protection of wild bears and their ecosystems. This well-established curriculum supports properly trained and certified guides, who are familiar with bear biology and behaviour, have demonstrated effective communication and human management skills, acknowledge the risks, show a sensible approach to safety and understand an appropriate response to accidents or emergencies, while managing non-disruptive interactions with bears and the carrying capacity of their habitat. Under the association’s best practices, it states that “Member companies will strive to meet the CBVA goal of safely viewing bears in a natural setting while minimizing impacts on them, and encourage the general public, other operators and film crews to do the same. An animal’s need to forage, rest, or travel should take precedence over viewing activities and a guest’s desire to get a closer look.”

    Nimmo Bay also has an internal vetting system where guides must graduate through mentorship given by senior guides in order to be able to lead bear viewing experiences.

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