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From Our Home to Yours

Over the years, our guests have always shared how much they love the handmade details and local products that elevate their wilderness experience. Inspired by this, we decided to bring together some of the items that make Nimmo Bay so special and let them flow out into the world through our new shop, Confluence by Nimmo Bay.

Person walking in the wilderness

Letting Nature Be Our Guide

Through Confluence, we’ll be sharing the stories of the makers and creators behind these beautiful products and the natural world that inspires them. Guided by nature, we strive to support local, sustainable businesses, dedicated to fine craftsmanship and ethical practices. We’re also committed to using our platform to put female, Indigenous, and minority-owned businesses in the spotlight. Our goal is to empower you to treat yourself or your loved ones, while making a positive impact on others.

Gift giving season is Here

This holiday season, we invite you to bring a bit of Nimmo Bay into your home and share the magic with your loved ones. We’ve curated a collection of holiday gift sets filled with heirloom-quality goods, inspiring reads, and handcrafted products. Here you’ll find something for the adventurer, the home chef, the gracious host, and everyone else on your list.

NImmo Bay Gift Guide

NImmo Bay Gift Guide

To help you find that perfect present, we’ve asked a few of our Nimmo Bay family and team members to share which gifts and goods they’ve been eyeing for their loved ones. We hope our guide will spark your curiosity and inspire the joy of gifting!

Becky Murray

My Parents-in-Law: Blacksaw’s Siempre Recycled Blanket

A blanket sure to become a new favourite fireside companion and designed to be passed on through the generations. Thoughtfully made from factory offcuts saved from the landfill and spun into warm, soft, sustainable yarns, the Siempre is as functional as it is beautiful. Our quest to find a soft yet rugged blanket that will keep you cozy, season after season, has been answered!

My Sister: Standing Spruce’s Spell Candle

A gift to offer protection, love, and powerful energy. Infused with chamomile and fennel for tranquility, along with other key ingredients and spiritually supportive crystals, this candle will provide brightness through sacred ritual practice. Lesley Assu of Standing Spruce Farm & Apothecary draws on ancestral knowledge of plant medicine, as each product is crafted by hand using thoughtfully sourced and locally harvested ingredients.

Secret Santa Gift: The Hidden Life of Trees

The perfect book to inspire and delight. Peter Wohlleben writes about his deep love for the forest and calls his readers to reflect on their relationships with the plant world while sharing his ground-breaking scientific discoveries. Once you learn about the incredible ways trees communicate, protect, and support one another, a walk in the forest will never be the same again.

Fraser Murray

When Life Calls for a Celebration:
Leechtown Blacksmith’s Champagne Sabre 

For anyone celebrating a special occasion, this expertly handcrafted champagne sabre will be the first thing you reach for! Custom-designed for Nimmo Bay, this is a true collector’s piece and gift that will be cherished for many years to come. To sabre a bottle of champagne is one of the joyful experiences we share with our guests and now you can bring the tradition home!

Leechtown Blacksmith’s Champagne Sabre 
For the Outdoor Enthusiast: ANIÁN’s Modern Melton

ANIÁN designs and creates “seamless lifestyle clothing bridging everyday life and the wild,” says Fraser. For those friends on your holiday list that love to venture into the wild, the Modern Melton, featuring smooth, felted wool, is a staple piece to wear season after season. Made in Vancouver BC, using post-consumer recycled wool, the iconic Melton will live in your closet, and on your back, for many adventure-filled years to come.

ANIÁN designs and create

Kyle Gartlan-Close
Sommelier and Director of Service

My Brother: Venturi Schultze’s Balsamic Vinegar

Kyle has worked with this product for most of his career and says, “it’s a truly special artisan vinegar from farmers on Vancouver Island.” Made from their own juice, simmered to a luscious concentration over an open fire, and converted to vinegar by the slow, natural ancient process – this vinegar is a pure expression of one family’s commitment and passion from earth to bottle. “Plus, my brother loves to cook and the application with this is endless!”

Balsamic Vinegar
My Sisters: Braiding Sweetgrass, Sirene Dark Chocolate, and Fireside Westholme Tea

This thoughtful book is infused with lessons from Indigenous wisdom and modern science, as Robin Wall Kimmerer asks us to consider our relationship to the earth and all living beings. “This is a deeply profound and moving book of stories about our place with Mother Earth,” says Kyle. He also suggests including some Sirene Chocolate and Fireside Westholme Tea – the ideal accompaniments.

My Very Best Friend in the World and Fellow Sommelier: Leechtown Blacksmith’s Oyster Shucker

Kyle would pair this hand-forged shucker with a beautiful bottle of Pascal Cotat Sancerre, the perfect accoutrement for oysters! Leechtown Blacksmith’s heirloom-quality tools are masterfully crafted and are proof that doing things the old-fashioned way can be the right way. This must-have shucker is weighted and shaped specifically for the small, delicate oysters of the Pacific Northwest.

Jenny Jewczyk
Reservations and Sales Manager

Our Family’s Teachers and Doctors:
Gratitude Care Package

A gift for your teachers, doctors, hosts or anyone you’d like to thank for taking care of you. This gift collection includes Bilston Creek Farm Lavender Hand Sanitizer to keep you safe and soothed, Fernwood Single Origin Instant Coffee to keep you going when you’re on the go, and an exceptional bar of Sirene Dark Chocolate – because you deserve it!

And for Myself: Wildness Within Gift Box!

Inspiration, indulgence, and a little bit of luxury. This box is a true treat for the senses, featuring carefully crafted wellness products and flavours from local brands highlighting the very best of coastal BC. The quintessential gift for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life, this curated collection will inspire connection and remind you of the wildness within us all.

Gratitude Care Package

Brianna Sloan

My Brother: Leechtown Blacksmith’s Foraging Knife and Labour & Cloth Apron

For all your foraging and culinary journeys – this is the perfect duo! Both gifts are made with purpose and meticulous craftsmanship. Labour & Cloth aprons have been tried and trusted by our culinary team from daily use in the kitchen to fire-cooked meals on remote beaches. And this beautiful, hand-forged knife will soon become your new mushroom foraging companion that you just can’t live without!

My Sister-in-Law: Kodo Collection Eucalyptus & Rosemary Body Polish and Sirene Dark Chocolate

Awaken your senses with a fresh and revitalizing blend of eucalyptus, rosemary, and pine. Kodo Collection’s body polish is one of our favourite products to use for wellness treatments at Nimmo Bay. Each product is handmade locally in Victoria, BC, using ingredients that come from the earth. Pair this indulgent body polish with a bar of Sirene Dark Chocolate – and get ready to find your well-deserved retreat.

Kodo Collection Eucalyptus & Rosemary Body Polish
My Brother-in-Law (Hot Sauce Enthusiast!):
Sriracha Revolver Collection

“The full suite of Sriracha Revolver hot sauces for my brother-in-law who is obsessed with hot sauces and smothers everything with them (even when it makes no flavor sense at all)!” Founded by Jordan Hocking, an Indigenous, female entrepreneur, these hot sauces are inspired by her travels and made by hand in Vancouver, BC. With unique flavours such as Beets & Tequila, Cilantro & Lime, Chili Garlic, and Habanero – one really can never have too many hot sauces on hand!

Sriracha Revolver Collection

We love thinking about the smiles, memories, and cherished keepsakes you’ll share with your loved ones this holiday season – from our family to yours – thank you for choosing to gift with intention and joining us on this journey!

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