Restore Your Wellness at the Rhythms of Nature Retreat

Hit the Reset Button on Your Wellness

With the past two years of living in an unsettled world, it’s time to find space for yourself. It has been unexpectedly emotional, and our minds have been riddled with too many thoughts. This rollercoaster affects our energy, our vibe, our centred self. So, it’s time for a reset. 

Our 5-day Rhythms of Nature Wellness Retreat allows you to quiet your mind easily, restore your tools for self-care (and teach you some new ones!) and offers a place to relax and indulge in delectable meals and wellness activities of your choosing. Find the space to clear your mind and listen to your most aligned desires.

Limited spaces are available to ensure this wellness retreat remains intimate. Is it right for you? If you’re yearning for more time in nature, more stillness, and space away from your daily routine, it’s time to reconnect with the rhythms of nature. Revive your appreciation for being human and caring for your body holistically. Join us from May 1 to 6, 2022, to invigorate your whole being.

Wildness Within Nimmo Bay

All-Immersive & Inclusive Itinerary

Nimmo Bay offers unmatched luxury amid nearly-untouched wilderness—the magic is tangible as soon as you arrive at the resort. This journey provides the perfect ingredients to head home feeling rejuvenated, nourished, centred, and inspired.

With your wellness guides, Sarah Gover and Bianca Lorage, you’ll spend 5 serene days cultivating newfound relationships with the wilderness and, ultimately, yourself. 

Participate in daily movement and self-care workshops, which invite you to gain a deeper understanding of your body, and mind, and how to appreciate them (in case you’ve forgotten). Indulge in thoughtfully planned and locally-sourced chef-prepared meals on the enchanting docks of Little River, our floating restaurant.

Time Well Spent Away from the City

For 5 enchanting days, you will wake up surrounded by stillness at Nimmo Bay and fall asleep under the starry sky, far away from city life. 

Each morning, you’ll melt into a calm, relaxing movement class to start the day in peace. We’ll work with posture and functional movement to bring more ease and lightness to the way you move through the world. 

Next up, a nourishing breakfast awaits you in the floating restaurant, Little River. Here, you can observe nature’s wonder and keep your eyes alert to spot wildlife flying, strolling, or swimming by. Then, your guides will lead you on forest bathing journeys, where you’ll connect with massive trees and share space with the wilderness. With each intentional breath, you’ll inhale the aromatic, refreshing air of the Great Bear Rainforest—our guide, Sarah, says there’s nothing better!

When you feel your hunger signals, you’ll have a picnic lunch, then you have the afternoon free to be as active or as reflective as you like. We offer a curated menu of wellness activities, from paddle boarding to scheduling your included therapeutic massage. This time is for you to create your ideal wellness reset. 

Each evening, your guides will lead you through intentional conversations and workshops. We’ve designed our interactive evening activities to bring your intimate group closer together and teach you more about yourself.

Move Gently, Breathe Deeply, Be Still

This retreat incorporates movement and breathwork to hone in on the tools you already have. Your guides will help enhance your wellness and connect with your spiritual self (whatever that means to you) through guided meditations and forest bathing. 

Take a deep breathe and ruminate on these thoughts from your wellness guide, Bianca: 

“At the retreat, there will be many guided opportunities, such as a morning movement class, that lend themselves to a fuller breath and a bigger range of motion. However, simply being in this place, where the air is so vibrant, you’ll breathe deeper, and your body will catch up to the breath it has been holding. But if you need a little nudge, we will be right there to help guide you back into your breath.”

Inhale. Exhale. Find stillness.
Wellness Experiences at Nimmo Bay

Meet Your Wellness Guides: Sarah & Bianca

Between the two soulful retreat leaders, they bring years of experience guiding guests to drop into the present moment. You can learn more about Sarah’s and Bianca’s experiences on our retreat page and read on to discover their personal thoughts on the Rhythms in Nature Wellness Retreat.

What do you hope people will take away from this retreat?

Sarah: I hope people will cultivate a deeper relationship with nature and understand their place within it; take away a deeper understanding of their bodies and how to feel good within them; and be able to access a place of deep relaxation and calm that they can carry back home with them. And community! Each person will leave having made connections with beautiful strangers and the extraordinary team of Nimmo Bay—you’ll be part of the family.

Bianca: Quite frankly, I hope that guests revel in the great pleasure that comes from the slowness and simplicity of being fully present in all your days, and walk back into your life feeling the ripple effect of that pleasure.

Who should attend this retreat?

Sarah: This is a retreat for anyone, whether you’ve never been on a wellness retreat or you’ve been on a million. It’s for those who want to explore what wellness actually feels like for them. And, it’s for guests who love great food and great company. If you just need a moment of stillness, a moment of space outside of your routine to process and appreciate all that it is to be human and have a body on this earth.

Bianca: This retreat is for anyone who needs to take a pause in their lives and find some reprieve from the last few years of disconnection and our current climate of polarization. We desire to help you slow down and remind yourself what really matters to you in your life. We also want you to feel good in your body and foster a deep sense of connection to everything around you.

What makes this retreat different from others?

Sarah: Well, first, it’s the location. Nimmo Bay offers unparalleled luxury in a wild setting. Second, our aim is to demystify “wellness” and offer approachable classes, guided meditations, and self-care tools that are understandable and relatable. We want this retreat to be relaxed and fun! Third, this retreat includes a 90-minute customized bodywork session that will give you a deeper understanding of your body and your habits around breathing. Last, Linnea Letourneau will be cooking for you, and Kyle Gartlan-Close will be pouring you wine—and that is certainly a special kind of wellness. 

Bianca: The setting. Even after working at Nimmo for several years, the moments that have taken my breath away are countless. It’s a place that reminds me of what matters and people who move me beyond words. I hope you come, not just to reconnect with yourself, your group, and your wellness guides, but that you get to spend time with the rest of the team. These are people who I consider my lifelong family, and I can’t wait to share this calibre of humans with you. Everyone at Nimmo genuinely wants to share their passion for this place that we are lucky enough to call home.

We’ve Created Space for Your Wellness

Words cannot fully express the experience you’ll discover during the Rhythms in Nature Wellness Retreat. We invite you to uncover it for yourself. Join us May 1 to 6, 2022, for 5 days of serenity dedicated to reviving your relationship with yourself, your community, and the wilderness.

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