Kazuki Spring: Smoked Cocktail

Smoked Rosemary

Are you ready to bring your cocktail game to the next level? Smoking a drink is a simple and tasty way to bring out a deeper flavour in cocktails. It adds an extra dimension as well, since you’re bringing a new sense into the experience. Our Kazuki Spring cocktail imparts the flavours of flame licked rosemary. You’ll be drawn into the forest as the pinewood-esque aroma wafts through the air. Not to mention the magic of watching smoke tendrils drift around inside the glass vessel and around your bar when you let it escape. This will be a sure-fire way to impress your guests.

The Gin

The gin is equally as important as the smoked rosemary to this cocktail recipe. Our favourite, and the namesake of this cocktail, is the Kazuki Gin from Sheringham Distillery. It’s soft, delicate, and floral, infused with Japanese cherry blossoms. The florals are a wonderful play in contrast to the peppery and herbaceous notes of the rosemary. If you can’t find the Sheringham gin, feel free to substitute with any other cherry blossom gin.

The Coupe Glass

The coupe glass features a long stem, topped with a broad and shallow bowl. The glass was first crafted for champagne. However, the fluted glass you’re used to seeing these days captures the bubbles better and replaced our old fashioned favourite, the coupe. It gained popularity once again during the golden age of Hollywood, a preferred glass for actors and actresses to sip their spirits from. The coupe glass once again fell out of use as that period closed but has since developed a new life as the favourite vessel for glamorous cocktails. It’s unique style beautifully displays cocktails and works best for any drinks poured without ice cubes. If you’re looking to add one of these beautiful glasses to your bar, our sommelier Kyle loves to visit thrift stores to find unique vintage glasswares.

This cocktail is perfect for entertaining with friends and family, or to enjoy during a relaxing evening. We can’t wait for this to become your new favourite drink!

COcktail Recipe

Cocktail Recipe - Kazuki Spring
Kazuki Spring

Photos: Jeremy Koreski

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