Cabins of Nimmo Bay

Luxury in the Wild

At Nimmo Bay, you get the best of both worlds; unprecedented access to the wilderness, and the most luxurious bed to lay your head on at night. After a life-changing day of paddling, hiking, indulging in personal wellness, 100’s of km from any town or city, you’ll return to a modern, picturesque cabin. At the end of the day you’ll feel pampered in your home-away-from-home.

Luxury in the wild at Nimmo Bay

Our Cabins

Our intimate resort has 9 cabins divided into two categories, the Intertidal Cabins, and the Forest Cabins. Each of our cabins is approximately 700 square feet and includes 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a lounge area, wet bar, coffee/tea station, and a patio. The walls are lined with locally curated art and the rooms are filled with unique and beautiful antique furniture.

Nimmo Bay Cabins

While each of the cabins consists of the same rooms, there are a variety of layouts that will suit different groups and family sizes. Our expert trip designers will help to ensure you are staying in the cabin that best matches your group.

Intertidal Cabin

Whether you’re in a Forest or an Intertidal Cabin, a strong commitment to impeccable services and amenities is ever present. The Nimmo Bay standards are the highest in the industry and each area in the resort reflects that, your cabin is no different. Your accommodations will be refreshed throughout the day, and stocked with our favourite local and small business products. When you walk in, the aroma of Nimmo Bay’s irresistible famous chocolate chip cookies will waft down the hall to greet you. You’ll be delighted by the luxurious amenities and thoughtfully selected items in each cabin.

luxurious amenities

Imagine walking back to your cabin to wind down for the night. A warm glow emanates from your private room. There’s no better way to arrive back after a day of exploring. As you lay down, enjoy the soft and crisp linen duvet as it envelopes you. Now is the time to close your eyes and dream of your next adventures in the wild.

Nimmo Bay Cabin Details

CAbin Details

Both the Intertidal and Forest Cabins have their own unique and special qualities that we love! Get ready to choose your favourite as we dive into each of these cabins.

The Intertidal Zone

The red roofs of the Intertidal Cabins are what greet you as you first round the corner into Nimmo Bay. They reflect beautifully against the calm water that they stand over.

Intertidal Cabins at Nimmo Bay Luxury Resort

These cabins are light and airy as the early evening sun shines through the big windows. Open up the custom built french doors leading to the waterfront deck to be greeted by an unrivalled view of Mackenzie Sound. Morning or night, wrap up in one of our legendary robes, sit on the patio and enjoy an energizing cup of coffee or toast to the perfect vacation. The sound of the ocean waves lapping gently against the shore will be there to remind you of the wild paradise you’re in.

Intertidal Cabins Patio

The Magical Forest

The cozy Forest Cabins are our little hideaways. You’ll find them tucked into the foliage, right next to the waterfall at the heart of the resort.

Forest Cabins at Nimmo Bay Luxury Resort

As you push the heavy wooden door open, the bright white interior welcomes you in. These cabins underwent remodelling in 2023, and the updated, elegant bathrooms are the new star of the space. Indulge in an evening relaxation routine with organic, local, and botanical self-care products.

Elegant Bathroom at our Forest Cabins

When you’re looking for some time to yourself, take a break and relax in the pair of Muskoka chairs out front. This is the perfect place to breath in the fresh forest air. At the end of the day, the rhythmic hum of the waterfall will lull you to sleep. It’s truly nature’s perfect white noise machine.

Muskoka chairs

Home AWay from Home

No matter which cabin you stay in, it’s bound to be one of the highlights of your trip to Nimmo Bay.

We’ve made sure that each one captures pure modern comfort, and you’ll be surprised with little luxuries throughout each room. However, if you would like to guarantee which cabin you get to stay in, you may make a request for an additional charge of $450 CAD per cabin, per night.

Nimmo Bay Luxury Resort BC

Photos by Jeremy Koreski

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