Why a Wilderness Retreat?

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Think outside of the boardroom! 
The great outdoors is the natural place to enhance your corporate purpose.

Corporate retreats are valuable opportunities for companies to connect on new levels, improve communication, and increase camaraderie, all while getting out of the office and into a new setting. The goal should be to promote a positive culture and bring your employees together while sharing new ideas and experiences.

Wilderness Retreat

Nimmo Bay has been hosting business groups and leadership retreats since opening in the early 1980s. With almost 40 years of welcoming industry leaders and their colleagues, we provide an extraordinary experience, seamless organization and personalized service.

Just across from Vancouver Island, Nimmo Bay is set amongst the fjords of British Columbia’s fragmented mainland coast. The resort is tucked into the 21-million-acre Great Bear Rainforest, one of the largest coastal temperate rainforests left in the world, at the foot of snow-capped mountains. The wilderness surrounding Nimmo Bay offers an unparalleled stage for group gatherings, team building and management development. Connect, unwind and recharge, as our team will create a one-of-a kind stay for each of your guests, so that they may leave with a renewed vision and sense of belonging.

The wilderness naturally fosters creativity, fresh perspectives and the time to connect with nature and each other.
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Strengthen Your Team

The goal should be attracting and retaining employees and the best way to do that is to ensure that people feel as though they are part of a family. At Nimmo Bay, family is deeply rooted in the history and can be felt throughout the lodge. Team building activities will help people to realize that they are in this together. A unified team is unstoppable, as fostering a tight-knit community not only strengthens internal relationships, it continues by filtering into interactions with clients.

Wilderness Retreat
Expose Hidden Talents & Let Your True Self Shine

Getting away from the daily grind gives your team the chance to relax and discover more about one another. Employers will gain insight to hidden strengths and employees will come to recognize the extraordinary attributes of their co-workers, as well as of themselves. Coworkers often fail to realize just how extraordinary each person on their team is. Nimmo Bay naturally brings out the very best in people, as they embark on new adventures in a remote setting. The resort was built on a dream and fuelled by passion. It’s no wonder that corporate groups, time and time again, find Nimmo Bay to be an inspiring and transformative experience.

Wilderness Retreat
Change of Pace & Place

Motivation, relaxation, and play are three key components of a successful corporate retreat. Team constrictions will ease with a more casual atmosphere and a change of pace and place. Leaving the business suits and protocols behind, the team at Nimmo Bay suggests slowing down to the rhythm of nature, stepping away from distractions, concentrating on the moment, trying new activities, and sharing meals as a group. A new project launch or a change in company direction is not accomplished in a bubble – and the fresh air certainly helps!

Wilderness Retreat

There have been numerous studies done by Stanford Professor Dr. Katie Curhan, Ed.D on contact with nature and the sense of well-being both in general and in the work force. 

 When asked “do we have any evidence that being in contact with nature can improve a person’s sense of well-being?” 

Dr. Curhan replied: “Yes. Numerous studies suggest that activities in natural settings or exposure to natural features have important stress reduction and restoration effects… One study found that after experiencing mental stress (e.g. the completion of a demanding cognitive task like a really hard math problem), participants who walked for forty minutes in an urban area heavily populated with trees and other vegetation reported more positive emotions and performed better on subsequent cognitive tasks than did participants who walked in a pleasant urban environment without greenery.”
The Power of Nature

Wilderness Retreat
New Experiences Shared

Nimmo Bay is all about the experience. Groups will have the chance to explore the coastal environments of British Columbia by foot, kayak, paddle board and power boat, or by flying to new heights in a private helicopter, offering access to over 50,000 square miles of wilderness. At the resort, guests may choose to relax in their private cabins or at the lodge, sip a cocktail on the floating fire dock, soak in a hot-tub next to the waterfall or rejuvenate their mind and body with a treatment in one of the two new spa buildings. In addition to the variety of activities on offer, groups can arrange a schedule of strategic planning sessions or workshops in the fully-equipped meeting room, where creative thinking, quality conversations, and decision-making flourish.

Wilderness Retreat

Nimmo Bay can host groups of up to 18 people, and all adventures, from Wilderness and Wildlife to Helicopter Touring and Fishing, can be customized to suit any group’s agenda. Whether the intention is incentive, leadership, relationship-building, business planning, goal setting or giving back to clients, the dedicated team at Nimmo Bay will help to customize each retreat, from tailored activities, meals, meetings and transportation. 

Wilderness Retreat
Come and experience the magic that happens when you escape into the wild, whether you find yourself gathered in the meeting room or around the fire.
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