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Our Favourite Images from Wellness Month

Wellness at Nimmo Bay

wellness month at Nimmo Bay

We invite you to check out our favourite captures from wellness month in the Great Bear Rainforest. The winter is a magical time at Nimmo Bay and these photos just begin to capture the wonder we feel.

Wellness is a personal journey

Wellness at Nimmo Bay can take many forms. As with everything we offer, our wellness retreats are entirely customized to suit your needs and preferences. In these images you see two people represented on their own unique wellness journeys. 

From reading in your private cozy cabin to trail running, hands-on treatments or paddle boarding, your wellness journey is curated for you by the Nimmo Bay team.

Both of our February guests enjoyed incredible, nourishing meals and delicious beverages and had time to connect as a couple together. They also invested time deepening their experiences individually and reconnecting and realigning with their personal intentions.

We invite groups of all types to dive into wellness and we work with our guests to tailor personalized experiences. Whether you are looking for a 1-day wellness experience, a full trip with a wellness theme woven throughout your journey or you would simply enjoy booking select treatments at the lodge, we have the perfect wellness options for you to choose from.

Relaxing in your own Cabin

Now more than ever, wilderness is not a luxury, it is a human necessity. For thousands of people, there is a burning need to reconnect with wild spaces.

Relaxing Wellness Retreat

CUrated wellness experiences

Whatever you imagine for your personal wellness experience, we are here to guide you and help make your vacation dreams a reality. We understand that everyone has different needs and interests and wellness is not a one-size-fits-all trip. Like everything at Nimmo Bay, we tailor the experince, with your input, and curate a personalized itinerary to meet your needs and deliver an unforgettable, transformative experience. 

Girl Paddle Boarding
Sauna by the lake

Words: Brianna Sloan
Photos: Jeremy Koreski

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