Seasonal Cocktail: Sea Buckthorn Sour

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Delight in this Fresh, seasonal sip!

The sour has a legacy with our bar program at Nimmo Bay. Seasonal sour recipes are prepared in partnership with Sea to Cedar, a dedicated team working to connect people to place along coastal British Columbia. All proceeds from selling this speciality cocktail at Nimmo Bay, go to our friends at Sea to Cedar.

Seasonal Cocktail: Sea Buckthorn Sour

Keeping it local, we use Unruly Gin from Wayward Distillation House in Courtney on Vancouver Island. Unruly Gin starts as 100% pure BC honey and is a refreshing alternative Canadian-style gin, balancing and complimenting its juniper with a hint of cedar and citrus, a dash of fragrant lavender and sarsaparilla root, and the vibrant notes of coriander.

The sea buckthorn we used for this drink came from Mikuni Wild Harvest one of our purveyors who farms, forages and sources artisan food products from British Columbia. They are a company committed to the exploration of nature’s greatest bounty … food!


2 oz Unruly Gin from Wayward Distillation House
1 oz sea buckthorn shrub
1 oz lemon juice
1 oz egg white
Mist of sweet gale tincture
Sun-dried rhubarb twist


  1. Chill glass coupe
  2. Add all ingredients to mixing tin
  3. Dry shake for 10 seconds
  4. Add ice and shake for 10 seconds
  5. Discard ice from coupe and double strain into glass
  6. Mist cocktail with tincture
  7. Garnish with a sun-dried rhubarb twist
  8. Enjoy!
Seasonal Cocktail: Sea Buckthorn Sour
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