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A one-of-a-kind Wilderness retreat

Nimmo Bay invites you to join Judy Brooks for a facilitated retreat in the Great Bear Rainforest. Split into either women-only retreat or men-only booking slots, these retreats are sure to deepen your connection and understanding of self. Set in the wilderness, surrounded by nature and wrapped in the luxuries of Nimmo Bay Resort, you will be guided in self-reflection and candid conversation to slow down and dive deeply into true meaning and consideration.

Join us at Nimmo Bay for a transformational retreat in mid-June, 2021.

Our lives move at a pace that makes it hard to slow down and consider. We are often surprised by our decisions and choices, dealing with unintended consequences or lack of desired results – in our work and our relationships. What if we spent time to better understand ourselves, how we show up in the world, and what behaviours are serving us?

We met Judy when a private group brought her to Nimmo Bay to help guide and facilitate challenging conversations. We love what she brought to the table and how she lead the group in ways that only truly intuitive facilitators can. During that trip a spark was lit and we have stayed in touch, dreaming of another opportunity to connect in this way ever since. Finally, that time has come!

We asked Judy’s team to send us a biography to include in this blog, in order to help our readers better understand what she would be offering during her retreats. We think the unconventionality of what they sent is a great representation of the free-flowing style of retreat that Judy hosts!

Judy Brooks

What you need to understand about Judy is bios are not her thing, at all.  “It’s not what you do, it’s who you are” – Judy would say.  So, let’s not dwell on her many accomplishments and accolades (see what I did there?).  Instead, and decidedly more importantly, begin to know Judy herself: the woman, mother, grandmother, friend, confidante, guide, and some might even say witch.

Judy is a student and a practitioner – from neuroscience to yoga, board governance to meditation – Judy begins each day and her work from a place of learning and experience.  

For over ten years, leading with lovingkindness, Judy has been gathering individuals and groups around cups of tea, boardroom tables, circles of meditation pillows, or forest walks, encouraging deep personal consideration  – all with the goal of supporting emotional intelligence and meaning – which ultimately leads to greater positive impact in the world.

Judy’s stature doesn’t come from her physical frame as much as from her heart and open, inquisitive mind.  For Judy, everything is open for conversation and consideration, it could be called ‘compassionate curiosity’.  Listening first, allowing for space in between, then responding lovingly, but very often directly. Speaking to the interior of the situation, past the surface emotion to what is really happening – that’s where the witch part comes in.  Not as in broomsticks, rather as in intuition; a knowing, a sensitive understanding of a greater scheme of things, beyond the seen and felt.

Of course, when you first meet Judy, none of that is obvious because she won’t tell you, or even hint at it. But, then after a few minutes of conversation, it all becomes clear.

Judy Brooks Group Retreat

The power of nature

At Nimmo Bay, observe as nature reflects radiance in her rhythms. Immerse yourself in the wilderness as you explore what serves you in the deepest and most powerful ways. Be nurtured by nature and unearth the wildness within.

All retreats at Nimmo Bay include accommodation in luxury cabins, gourmet meals, snacks and beverages, and local guided outdoor experiences. Get in touch with our team to learn more about joining this exciting retreat!

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