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The Great Bear Rainforest

An ecological treasure where land and sea join together in a mighty convergence of nature.

The Great Bear Rainforest is the largest remaining intact temperate rainforest and one of the most pristine wilderness environments in the world, stretching the length of the rugged Pacific coast from the northern part of Vancouver Island to southern Alaska. Today, temperate rainforests cover less than 1% of the planet, few of which remain unlogged. They are amongst the richest and most diverse temperate forests, containing more living matter than any other ecosystem.

Covering 6.4 million hectares, the Great Bear Rainforest represents a quarter of the remaining coastal temperate rainforest worldwide. It is the traditional territory of 26 First Nations communities who have lived here for thousands of years amongst the towering old-growth forests, misty valleys, fertile estuaries, glacier-cut fjords, snow-capped mountains and abundant wildlife.

Along the coast, dynamic and complex interactions exist between terrestrial, marine, freshwater, and estuarine systems. Coastal temperate rainforests have 4 common features: they exist in cooler climates, their close proximity to oceans, the presence of mountains, and a high rainfall. BC’s coastal temperate rainforests are characterized by some of the oldest and largest trees, including Sitka spruce, red cedar, western hemlock, amabilis fir and Douglas fir.

Wild salmon are thought to be the keystone species within this unique coastal ecosystem, reflecting the strong connection between the ocean, rivers and land. Here, bears depend on healthy salmon runs for their survival, as do a vast array of other wildlife including orca whales, eagles and wolves. The fish, left behind by bears and other wildlife, are filled with nitrogen, which in turn fertilizes the soil and nourishes trees to grow to their impressive size. This significant link between salmon, bears and trees illustrates one of many interrelated webs of life found within this mighty forest.

The Great Bear Rainforest is a place that continues to attract explorers, adventurers and dreamers alike. At Nimmo Bay, we invite those seeking to connect with nature on a new level. Here, you will experience a cultural, spiritual and eye-opening journey unrivalled to anywhere else in the world.

The importance of protecting this rainforest, for those that call it home and for future generations, is of the utmost importance and after witnessing the breathtaking beauty and abundant life for yourself, we hope you will agree.

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.”

– John Muir
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