Adventuring in Any Weather

Top Tips for All Season Excursions

At Nimmo Bay, we embrace all types of weather. We lean into the cooler days, embrace the rain, and savour the sun and warmth. We get 12 beautiful months in the Great Bear Rainforest and take advantage of every single moment.

Our expert team spends countless hours in this environment, and knows all the tricks of the trade to adventure in any weather. And now we’re sharing that insider information with you.

Plus, scroll for a brand new launch from Confluence by Nimmo Bay, the onsite and online shop, that you won’t want to wait to get your hands on!

Adventuring in Any Weather at Nimmo Bay

Picking the Right Activity

Step 1 is evaluating what the weather looks like. It’s important to pick the right kind of exploration experience based on the conditions at the beginning of each day. To do that effectively, you need to be prepared. Our team closely monitors weather systems and understands how each weather pattern can effect local wildlife and the environment.

Rainy Days

When the clouds roll in and bring showers to Nimmo Bay, one of our top rainy-day activities is snorkeling. It’s the best time to get dressed in head to toe wetsuit gear to be fully protected from the elements. If there’s moisture in the atmosphere you may as well play in the ocean! Once everyone is suited up, it’s time to take a thrilling boat ride to the best spots that our guides know and dive right in. Even on a grey day you can experience a magical world under the water, full of fish, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, and unique barnacles.

WArm Sunny Skies

If the sun is shining and the mercury’s rising, there’s no better time to get out on the water! The perfect vessel for a hot day float is a stand-up paddleboard. They are the ideal vessel for cruising through the fjords and bays around the resort. It also offers a fresh perspective for ocean exploration, as you get to look straight down into the depths from up above, as you glide across the water. Paddleboarding almost mimics the feeling of walking on water. When it gets too warm to keep paddling, jump off the board and splash into the cold ocean water for a full refresh.

Dressing the Part

Dressing to match what mother nature throws at you is equally as important. We stand by the classic saying ‘there’s no bad weather, just poor clothing’.

Coastal Wools

Nimmo Bay has a thoughtfully curated collection of products that our guides and team members use daily. One of those staples are wool socks. Our favourites are the comfy ANIAN Classic Wool Camp Socks. Wool socks will keep you cool when needed and warm on chilly days, they’re great for temperature regulating. Wool is also moisture wicking and absorbent, so these socks will stand up to your most challenging adventures.

Being prepared with the appropriate gear helps bring full enjoyment to the experience.

THe Canteen

We would be remised to forget the golden rule of adventuring…Stay hydrated! Water is an essential companion on any excursion. It keeps your energy up and makes adventuring easier on your body. The Nimmo Bay water bottle is a mainstay at the lodge and in the wild. It’s great for a cold drink on a warm day or for keeping beverages hot. If there’s a chill in the air and you’re out on the trails, a warm drink is a necessity. Taking a moment to savour a viewpoint and drink a hot cup of cocoa is a match made in heaven.

Perfect to warm your soul and your hands!

The Cabin Coat

Rainy days at Nimmo Bay can show off the most beautiful expressions of the rainforest. To enjoy these atmospheric days to their fullest, a good raincoat is an essential piece of clothing in the adventure arsenal. It needs to keep you dry, be breathable, and have space for layering.

Nimmo Bay is thrilled to announce our collaboration with fairechild and officially launch the Nimmo Bay Cabin Coat.

This sustainable raincoat is a Nimmo Bay exclusive, designed by fairechild using recycled materials and made in Canada. The Cabin Coat is 100% waterproof, breathable and machine washable, with a timeless straight cut and mid-calf length for easy movement. The Red Oak colour is beautiful year-round and compliments the palette of our local wilderness. The Cabin Coat is in our cabins and available for our guests to use while at Nimmo Bay, and you can get your hands on one at home too!

But quantities are limited, so order your Cabin Coat today!

Photos by Jeremy Koreski *excluding the Cabin Coat

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