A Love Letter to a Tree: How to Make Journaling Part of Your Wellness Journey

Forest Journeys at Nimmo Bay

Winter is a season of opportunity. A time to slow down, reflect, and travel inward. In the depths of winter, all of us can benefit from a quiet moment with pen, paper and permission to write, free from any judgement.

Slow Moments of Reflection

Journaling can have powerful effects on the mind and on the physical body. From promoting mindfulness to supporting sleep, and boosting your immune system, the simple act of putting your thoughts down on a page can impact your life in meaningful ways. Some effects you may notice instantly, while others may take months or years to reveal themselves.

Whether you create a daily writing practice, or you choose to turn to the page in times of need, journaling is a tool that you can use to work through challenging situations, calm a busy mind, or make hopes and dreams more concrete.

At Nimmo Bay, we encourage guests who are seeking a wellness experience to try journaling or letter writing during their visit. We hope that this inspires them to take these practices home, and incorporate them into their everyday lives.

try journaling for a better wellness experience

To inspire you to give it a try, our wellness guides, Sarah Gover and Bianca Lorage have shared a journaling exercise to get you started.

Journaling Prompt: Find Your Tree

Find a tree, and sit with it. It can be any tree, one that you pass by every day, one that has been your favourite for a long time, or perhaps it’s a new tree that simply strikes you as interesting.

Write a love letter to this tree. 

What do you first notice about it? How does it make you feel? What colors and textures stand out to you? If you could say anything to this tree what would you say?  

Next, write a love letter from the tree to yourself.

What does this tree notice about you? How do you make it feel? Why is it proud of you? What do you do that makes this tree smile? What wisdom does it have to share with you? 

Write whatever comes to mind, don’t censor yourself, let the imagination run wild. The trees communicate through our imaginations.

Once you’re done writing, take a moment to sit with it. How do you feel?

Adventure Wellness Retreat

Redefining Wellness

When you think of what wellness means to you, what comes to mind? Whether you’re seeking a once-in-a-lifetime experience to reset, recharge, and reinvigorate yourself, or you want to bring simple daily practices into your life to enhance your sense of wellbeing, we hope that you’ll find what it is you need most.

If you found this journaling exercise made a difference in your life, we encourage you to continue to explore this practice. Consider these prompts for your next entry. 

  • When I am hurting – physically or mentally – what is the kindest thing I can do for myself?

  • What is my relationship with nature? How does it make me feel to pause in an outdoor space that is special to me?

  • Would your life look different if you were able to love yourself unconditionally and unapologetically?

  • Name what is enough for you

  • Write the words to yourself that you need to hear

If you’d like to travel further on your wellness journey this year, we invite you to join the Rhythms of Nature Wellness Retreat at Nimmo Bay May 1-6, 2021.

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