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a remote wilderness setting in BC, perfect for connection and romance

If you are craving moments of true connection, some self-care and the opportunity to fall in love with life again and again, then we are here for you.

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When we say romance, do we conjure images of rose petals, chocolate covered strawberries and candle-lit dinners at fancy restaurants? Roses and restaurants are all well and good but romance at Nimmo Bay is a bit different. 

 Jim, a guest and friend, captured it best when he sent us a letter after he and his wife, Beth, visited in 2019 to celebrate their 22nd wedding anniversary. Jim and Beth came to Nimmo Bay seeking connection and some romance and their trip culminated with a beautiful vow renewal ceremony overlooking the waterfall. With their permission we have included some of Jim’s letter below. 
 Have a read…

The best question anyone ever asked me was on October 18, 1997 when a minister asked, “Do you take Beth to be your wife?”

The second-best question was on October 2, 2019 when [trip designer] Brianna asked, “What are your intentions for this trip?”

The magnitude of the first question was obvious. But it was the simple elegance and deep meaning behind the second question that really got me when we met for coffee that day. Brianna wasn’t interested in hearing about the activities we wanted to do at Nimmo. Any other resort would have just sent a questionnaire with boxes to tick. This was such an important trip for us, for many reasons and the question helped us understand that. It forced us to go deeper into the “why” of this trip.

I could go on about the activities we did, the food we ate, the service we experienced. But here’s what I remember most:

Having [Operations Manager] Adrien check in with us each morning to “set the stage” with the intentions for the day. This gentle “Here’s what we’re thinking… how are you feeling about…” eventually allowed me to relax and not worry about not being in charge or in the loop (okay, it took more than a day).

Having [Wellness Guide] Sarah kick off our journey with the Forest Meditation Walk, prompting an emotional experience especially for Beth, that was undoubtedly directly related to Sarah’s strong intuition about where we were at – and especially where Beth was at. This set the stage for Sarah’s perfect reading on the final evening, a gift that sticks in our hearts to this day.

And that evening… oh my goodness, that evening. The culmination of your Nimmo “place magic”, the “homework” you gave us, the settings you created for that work , the intentions you helped set with every interaction we had with [Director of Service] Kyle, with [Wellness Guide] Nicole, with each member of the team… and Adrien, your gentle guiding along the way, up to and including moments before we arrived at the Cascade stairs. And then for us to realize that all along, you had heard me say it (only once, but I had thought it many more times), “Huh, maybe we should renew our vows someday…”

I have said to many people since Nimmo that I think there are three kinds of trips:

1. Trips you forget quickly once you get back into real life; they don’t stick.

2. Trips that make it tough to go back to reality and make you only want to return to paradise; they stick, but in a FOMO / #takemeback /sugar-rush-and-now-I’m-in-withdrawal kind of way.

3. And trips that, because they are so profound and meaningful, actually change your reality – they seep into your being – so that you don’t need to go back to paradise right away. You miss it – but you don’t yearn achingly and unhealthily for it. It was so nourishing that you carry it with you always. So life is just better – no matter where you are – by having been in that special place, experiencing those special moments, created by those special people. That’s Nimmo,

I miss Nimmo. I miss you all. But, honest to god, I am so happy knowing that wherever I am I have a part of that incredible gift you gave me and Beth. The gift of connection to each other and to ourselves. No matter where we are. And that, if I recall correctly, was our intention when we met with Brianna – and our intention when we said “I do” 22 years ago

Much love,

“We are of this place and we do romance in a way that reflects these wild, untamed spaces”
– Fraser Murray, Owner-Operator of Nimmo Bay

Interepid Elopements

For those of you who planned your wedding, postponed your wedding, and re-planned your wedding only to be faced with another summer of restricted gatherings–we see you. 

Nimmo Bay has been hosting small weddings and elopements for almost 4 decades and this year, we invite you to join us in the Great Bear Rainforest for a perfectly wild, west coast elopement. Sure, still have the big party when grandma can attend and when your friends and family can hug each other but for now, spend an incredible few days with the love of your life, celebrating your union with a backdrop of stunning scenery. We can take care of all the details for your (photography, flowers, hair, makeup, cake, you name it) so that you can sink into the adventure, the love and the excitement of your big day. 

After all, love isn’t cancelled!

“We had a conversation on Thursday and then for the rest of the weekend I was just a bride. I didn’t think about a single detail and that was perfect.”
– Becky Murray

Words: Brianna Sloan
Photos: Jeremy Koreski

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