Immerse Yourself in Inquiry with Judy Brooks

great bear rainforest

an opportunity to dive deeper

For the second year, Nimmo Bay is hosting Judy Brooks and a group of seekers for a mindful experience in the wilderness. The healing lands and nourishing energy at Nimmo Bay creates space for inquiry and holds our guests in a time of deep consideration of self. Our guests have often note how the surface ‘stuff’ melts away at Nimmo Bay and there is more time and energy for meaningful introspection and group discussion that goes way beyond what your weekend plans are. Here, we dive deep, we take moments for pause and we gently let go of the outside world in order to look inward.

There are limited spaces available for these retreats. Join the immersion from May 10th to 13th for women and from May 13th to16th for men and commit to growth and learning personally and in relationship with others.

Immerse Yourself in Inquiry with Judy Brooks

During this, 3-day, inclusive retreat, you will be invited to moments to pause—to gently let go of the demands and requests of the outside world. You are invited to drop into conversation with yourself, with others, with the land and the sea, and immerse yourself in being brilliantly exactly where you are. On the trails, in the sauna, around the fire or sharing a delicious meal, this will be a time to dive in and explore what may be possible to bring more grace and kindness to yourself and others.

Engaged in a pause

Judy and the team at Nimmo are here to take care—to serve you in making more space for a well needed pause and an adventure into self inquiry. This will be an opportunity to consider practices for more presence to bring with you on your return. Nimmo Bay is the perfect setting for this gift you are giving yourself; whether walking among the ancient rainforest, paddling along the bay, receiving wellness treatments, or in conversation with the other seekers on the adventure with you.

Judy Brooks

Judy is a student and a practitioner – from neuroscience to yoga, board governance to meditation – Judy begins each day and her work from a place of learning and experience.  

For more than 25 years, leading with lovingkindness, Judy has been gathering individuals and groups around cups of tea, boardroom tables, circles of meditation pillows, or forest walks encouraging deep personal consideration—all with the goal of their cultivating emotional wisdom and finding meaning—which ultimately leads to greater positive impact in the world.

Emotional wisdom guides Judy’s life, businesses and service. She is known for building and supporting responsible companies, dynamic teams, and impressive brands and cultures. But as Judy would say it is not what you have done but who you are. Judy is, and will always remain, a student and a practitioner—from neuroscience to yoga, board governance to meditation—beginning each day, and her work, from a place of learning and experience.

Testimonials from 2021

My time with Judy in Nimmo was incredibly restorative — the raw, remote, beauty of The Great Bear Rainforest revived every sense, the team at Nimmo took care of every need and Judy gently guided my internal inquiry where it needed to go. With a perfect balance of support, challenge, laughter and love, Judy created a magical energy that helped forge deep soul connections, with self, nature and the beautiful group of people present. The ocean and forest bathing, seafood feasts and ocean-docked saunas, body-work and movement elevated the experience even further. It was a trip of a lifetime that fed my soul and helped me refine my path. It will stay with me forever.”


“Judy works at the most fundamental level, inspiring us to take responsibility for our emotions and behaviour – and how that all impacts others….the effort and energy is worth it when ancient nature is the backdrop. Judy and the old growth trees both bring the wisdom and create presence at Nimmo. To learn how to be a better person IN this world, sometimes we have to step OUT of it.”


View from the cabin at Nimmo Bay

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