Getting the Shot: Jeremy Koreski

Getting the Shot: Jeremy Koreski

“I’ve just always loved the journey and the simple adventure of getting there.”

– Jeremy Koreski

Jeremy Koreski grew up in Tofino, a remote town at the end of a long and winding road on Vancouver Island’s west coast. Growing up in a small town by the beach, it was only natural for Jeremy to appreciate nature and life by the sea. His dad was a fisherman and oyster farmer, so from the start, Jeremy was in and around the ocean, splashing in tide pools, out on the boat or catching a wave. Tofino offers an inspiring landscape with endless beaches, majestic forests, and abundant coastal wildlife. Jeremy’s interest in exploring came from growing up in Clayoquot Sound, with parents that were always taking him and his siblings on outdoor adventures, camping, and hiking. 

At the age of 12, Jeremy’s dad gave him his very first camera, a Canon AE-1, and it wasn’t long before he discovered his passion for photography. It all started with Jeremy taking photos of his friends surfing, skateboarding, and fishing. 

Using good old-fashioned film and self-taught editing skills, Jeremy fine-tuned his craft, as he captured the life and culture of Canada’s west coast. 

After school, with a desire to travel, Jeremy took off to experience the bigger world. It didn’t take him long to realize how special Vancouver Island was and he returned home inspired to capture and share the beauty and stories of the coast that he felt so passionately about. 

The West Coast’s rugged and challenging terrain encouraged Jeremy to push the limits to get “the shot”. From diving with dolphins, swimming with salmon, battling winter waves, and hanging out of a helicopter with the door off getting a bird’s eye perspective, Jeremy will go the extra mile and beyond for his photos. For Jeremy, engaging with the elements that Mother Nature throws at him are all a part of the process.

Jeremy’s connection with the natural world is expressed in his captivating images. His eye in the editing process is just as big a part of defining his style as when he is looking through the viewfinder. The images that Jeremy ends up showing are what set him apart from other photographers. 

Jeremy’s photos have appeared in surf, outdoor and travel magazines all over the world. In 2015, Jeremy published his book ‘This is Nowhere,’ a compilation of his best photos, showcasing the love for his home, its unspoiled beauty and his desire to help preserve it for future generations. His book demonstrates that wild “nowhere” places have an immense value and that they require our protection.

Throughout his career, Jeremy has had numerous wildlife encounters, many in the Great Bear Rainforest. He has had unforgettable interactions with Grizzly bears and their cubs and has swum with 15,000 to 20,000 salmon up a river. Jeremy believes that salmon are some of the most inspiring creatures alive. Through up close experiences with them, and other wildlife, Jeremy has realized “that we need to do more to protect the natural world.”

As an explorer, adventurer, and photographer, Jeremy loves the journey, discovering new places, and being outdoors. Through his work, he hopes to inspire people to do the same and to consider their own relationship with nature. He believes that the more you go outside, the more you feel connected to nature and the more you will want to protect it.

“We’re all connected, to each other and to the world we depend on for survival, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to help preserve what’s left.”

– Jeremy Koreski
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