Family Connections in the Wild

Water Adventure

Nimmo Bay was built around the importance of family and keeping family together. This is becoming more and more evident every year as our guests choose Nimmo Bay to host their family vacations, celebrations and reunions. Here in the wild, you can immerse your family in the natural beauty of the surrounding area with a selection of adventures designed to bring you closer together, create lasting memories and learn from each other along the way!

Family Retreat


1. Strengthen Family Connections

The family that plays together, stays together. Strengthen your family ties by spending quality time connecting with each other in the wilderness. When you take a vacation together, your family becomes a team, where shared experiences foster lasting connections. What better way to bond than by spotting a playful pod of Pacific white-sided dolphins, catching your very first fish, visiting 10,000-year-old glaciers, or watching the sun set behind the mountain range?

Family Retreat
Family Retreat

2. Break From Routine

A change of environment is good for everyone! In our increasingly busy and chaotic world, family time is one of life’s most cherished commodities. Family adventures are a great opportunity to break the routine and get away from it all. Take time to slow down, relax and gain a new perspective on what is truly important in life. We guarantee that your time at Nimmo Bay will be a meaningful, and much needed, change of pace and place.

Family Adventure

3. Learn Now, Appreciate Forever

Travel exposes you to new places, people, cultures and activities. Powerful learning experiences lead to new interests, opening your eyes to the world and teaching important life lessons along the way. Our guests leave Nimmo Bay with a newfound awareness, appreciation, and respect for the land, the ocean and the abundant wildlife found within the Great Bear Rainforest. The world is a magnificent classroom for all ages, wouldn’t you agree?

Family Adventure
Family Adventure

4. Health and Wellness

Outdoor play and quality time spent in nature has significant health benefits, improving the overall well-being of everyone in your family. Vacations are important for the body, mind and spirit, especially when nature is involved! The benefits of connecting to nature have been well documented in numerous scientific research studies and publications, and at Nimmo Bay, we couldn’t agree more. Engaging in the natural world ignites your senses, builds creativity and rejuvenates the soul.

5. Create Memories to Last a Lifetime

“The best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been and the memories we’ve made along the way.” 

Nimmo Bay is all about the moments that take your breath away and the stories that you will hold close to heart forever. The memories created during your family wilderness adventure will be shared and reminisced about for years to come.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip!
Connect as a family, detach from your daily routine, expose your family to new experiences, get up close and personal with nature, and create lasting memories.

Nimmo Bay naturally brings families together in the intimate setting amongst the Great Bear Rainforest. We invite you and yours to experience the magic for yourself.

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