ANIÁN: Giving the Past a Future

Anian Nimmo Bay

“Our entire collection is inspired by times spent in nature, designed to withstand its elements, and made with natural fibres.”
– Paul Long, ANIÁN founder and designer

With a mission to create awareness around the wasteful textile industry and a message that what clothes are made of is as important as how they are made, Paul Long, has created a line of clothing that can go with you wherever you choose to wander. ANIÁN turns to natural fabrics to create its beautiful, modern, weatherproof adventure wear.


~ to recycle materialin such a way that the resulting product is of a higher value than the original item. To create an object of greater value from a discarded object of lesser value.

“ANIÁN is turning back the clock and breathing new life into the wasteful corners of the textile industry,” says Paul. “In 2019 alone, we have taken over 60,000 lbs of post-consumer textile waste and created our Modern Melton – a shirt that aims to have your back for years to come. The material itself is a classic but the modern fit is where we added our spin. With the average North American throwing away approximately 80lbs of textiles each year, the effects of our fashion choices are catching up with us. ANIÁN offers a solution. We believe that recycling textiles has the potential to be our greatest gift back to our environment.”

Paul uses wool (old suits, sweaters, socks and more) that have been discarded from around the world, is milled in Italy and then shipped to Canada. “ANIÁN believes that harnessing textile waste has the potential to be our greatest achievement in creating a circular economy that will, in turn, have a positive impact on our environment.”

What is Melton?

The Modern Melton by ANIÁN is made of recycled wool, inspired by the material traditionally used in the making of pea coats worn by sailors. The weave is so tight that it is resistant to both wind and rain.

The result is a shirt built to suit all your needs – from the woods to the city and back again – it has quickly become ANIÁN’s best-selling upcycled garment. Our Nimmo team have been happily, and stylishly, embracing the elements of the Great Bear Rainforest in ANIÁN apparel since 2016. Enduring weather, wear, and tear, but still looking sharp while exploring our backyard wilderness. The Modern Melton has also been a hit with our guests who purchase the shirts to wear on their next adventure, wherever it may take them.

“Seamless lifestyle clothing bridging everyday life and the wild.”
– Fraser Murray

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