Whale Watching Around Nimmo Bay

What, Where, and Why Whales?

Nimmo Bay is located on the coast of British Columbia, in the Broughton Archipelago and this area is full of streams and rivers. Each year these streams and rivers welcome the salmon when they return from the ocean to spawn. The salmon are the life force of our local waters. While they feed on smaller fish and krill, most of the aquatic mammals (whales, bears, wolves, eagles) feed on salmon. When the salmon arrive back to the Broughton Archipelago heading towards the rivers, Vancouver Island traps them in and creates an area where salmon come together in large numbers. This bottleneck happens as well for smaller fish and krill. Basically, there are tons of food for the mammals and mammals like to be where they can get the most amount of food for the least amount of effort. In our area, there are estimated to be well over 50 humpbacks and we have both resident and transient orcas.

Let’s Go Whale Watching!

Whales can often been seen by taking a short 20 minute boat ride from the resort, so we frequently come across them while enjoying the many marine based activities we offer. We also provide whale watching day trips where we travel greater distances specifically in search of these majestic creatures. Our largest boat seats  up to 12 guests, so your whale watching experience is intimate and truly authentic. Our guides have a deep knowledge and connection to the whales and mammals in the area and provide you with great facts and stories about these fascinating animals. We can also bring along kayaks and paddle boards making this an even more exhilarating experience!

Orca Whales

Orcas are studied in the area as they are so abundant. The area surrounding Blackfish Sound is a great place to find them playing, feeding and training their young. Blackfish Sound is about a 50 minute boat ride from Nimmo Bay. Orcas travel in large pods and can quite often be found in abundance all the way up to the northern tip of Vancouver Island.

Humpback Whales

The humpbacks are known for their flapping tail, bubble feeding and full breaches. They feed on herring balls and krill. To spot a humpback you often look for birds that are feeding on the top of the water. Humpback whales are predictably at the mouth of Wells Pass for the duration of our season and this is just 30 minutes away from Nimmo.

When Do We See Whales?

Based on the last 35 years of experience in the area, we have a good idea of the best times and places for whales. However, there are never any guarantees with wildlife in their natural habitat. The first humpbacks that we saw last year were in late May but some people say that they are in the area year-round. Orcas are more prone to follow the salmon showing up in early July and stay until the third week of September.