Find out what our beloved Cabin Critters get up to when our guests are out adventuring & exploring the Great Bear Rainforest!

“I love taking time off from Mouse Hunting Ltd. and enjoying a lovely spa day at Nimmo Bay. I love taking my book out into a good reading tree and having a relaxing evening. Although I have binocular vision, I still need my reading glasses from time to time…”

Oscar the Owl, Late Night Cove, guest since 2001

“Sometimes you may see me soaring around while you’re out on your adventure. But the odd time you may see me using your magnificent rain shower. Please respect my privacy!!”

Calvin the Eagle, Compton Point, local visitor

“I am a full-time teacher and there is nothing I love more than my students…besides poker nights with the guys that is.”

Jamie the Crab, Grappler Sound, guest since 2017

“My favorite time at Nimmo was when we snagged a couple of dozen coho at the meat hole with the kiddos. What a feast we had that night! We came back and partied with the whole crew. We drank, we danced, we sang, and played games too … good times!”

Peter the Bear, Kenneth Pass, guest since 2013

Cabin Critters: Your plush connection to the great outdoors ~ for children of all ages, for the child in all of us!

Photos & Words: Alex Stott, Head of Housekeeping

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