At Nimmo Bay, we love SILK ROAD’s fresh, organic tea, and so do our guests!

Since 1992, SILK ROAD has been creating organic teas, skincare and body products. With premium quality, fresh, organic botanicals, it all started with Chief Tea Ambassador and founder, Daniela Cubelic. Hailed as “Canada’s Queen of Tea” (Globe & Mail) and “Canada’s Tea Master” (Vancouver Sun), Daniela is a leading authority on tea and an accomplished Tea Master.

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Just as important as the ingredients found in SILK ROAD teas, are the ingredients that you will not find, such as artificial flavours, colours and hidden sweeteners. Organic growing practices combined with exceptional freshness, results in higher antioxidant levels and a superior flavour.

Next time you are in Victoria, B.C., be sure to stop by SILK ROAD’s flagship location in historic Chinatown to visit the tea bar, relax and enjoy a pot of tea. Tea is served in a variety of unique brewing styles including Tea Flights and the Chinese Tea Ceremony. Browse the gorgeous skincare products, shop for tea accessories and fill some tins with loose leaf tea to take home. Visitors will find a wide selection of tea ranging from Imperial Earl Grey Black Tea to Westcoast Peppermint Herbal Tea to Mountain Rain Oolong to Sour Cherry Green Tea. You can also find SILK ROAD at the Victoria Public Market at the Hudson and most recently, in Vancouver at their newest location in Kitsilano.

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At Nimmo Bay, “we love to use their teas for everything” says Hayley, who’s personal favourite is the Chocolate Panda Herbal Tea, a delicious blend of peppermint, rooibos, chamomile, anise, cocoa powder, chocolate and vanilla essence.

Hayley uses SILK ROAD tea to prepare refreshing iced teas, as well as unique and flavourful syrups for cocktails and tea-infused spirits, including:

? Herbal Chai Infused Bourbon

? Imperial Earl Grey Gin (using another local favourite, Victoria Gin)

Whether you are after a hot cup of tea to sip on the dock and take in the view, or a tea cocktail crafted just for you, we have what you are looking for thanks to SILK ROAD, and the “pure, healthy, deliciousness in every sip!”

fresh organic tea

Have you ever thought about cooking with tea? It’s an adventure in new flavours and aromas! Tea provides unique profiles and personalities, adding herbal, sweet and sometimes smoky notes to the familiar flavours of your favourite meals and desserts.

Our chef, Sandi, uses SILK ROAD tea for her smoked sockeye salmon – now that’s thinking outside of the teacup!

A few of Sandi’s favourites include:

? Seamist “Mermaid’s Potion”
An enticing blend of crisp mint and sweet lemongrass, with a restorative seaweed note.
Ingredients: lemongrass, peppermint leaves, seaweed


? Angel Water “Tea of Serenity”
A subtle, sweet and mellow cup of tea.
Ingredients: spearmint leaves, lavender blossoms, rose petals, elder flowers, red clover


? Philosopher’s Brew “Tea of Enlightenment”
A luscious, lemony cup of tea with a bright golden hue.
Ingredients: lemongrass, citrus peel, rosehips, lavender blossoms


And for something sweet, our pastry chef, Rachel, also uses SILK ROAD tea in her delectable baking, ice creams, jellies and ganaches – yum!

If you are curious about cooking with tea, SILK ROAD has some great ideas and rescipes here!


In addition to exquisite tea blends, SILK ROAD also offers a locally produced, tea-inspired skin and body care line. At Nimmo Bay, our massage therapists use SILK ROAD’s beautiful, unscented carrier oil; an exclusive 100% natural blend of cold pressed grain and seed oils, jojoba and Vitamin E.

We also offer SILK ROAD’s Great Bear Rainforest collection of body care products in our cabins and outdoor rain shower. Boughs of shore pine, gathered in an eco-friendly manner, are used in their invigorating hand soap, body wash, shampoo and conditioner. These outdoorsy smelling products compliment our wilderness environment perfectly!


If you haven’t had a chance to try SILK ROAD tea or any of their skincare and body products yet, we certainly suggest that you do.

Or, come and visit us at Nimmo Bay … we will be sure to have a cuppa ready for you!

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Tea photos courtesy of SILK ROAD, Nimmo Bay photos captured by Jeremy Koreski.