This year at Nimmo Bay, we offered two unique training opportunities to our team in preparation to deliver excellence throughout the 2019 season.

The first was our ‘Soft Opening’ which ran over five days. The overarching theme was ‘Preparing For Excellence’ as all employees met with their department heads and fellow team members. Goal setting, on-the-job training, cross-departmental exercises, and the unique opportunity to experience a full Nimmo Bay day, as a guest would, all took place. This was an incredible bonding experience and opportunity for the team to understand the level of service that we offer to our guests.

The second was our annual Team Building in early-June, in which we were joined by a team from Roy Group to offer leadership training, along with specific tools on how to move through conflict when it arises. Team Building has always been a wonderful time for growth and learning amongst the group and this year was no exception.

We are proud to work with such a talented and dedicated team of individuals at Nimmo Bay. Our guests tell us over and over that they love our wilderness location and spectacular adventures, but it’s the people who work here that give it the feeling of home – and we couldn’t agree more.

NEW: Master’s Cabin Program

While there is always so much for our guests to take part in when visiting Nimmo Bay, we wanted to find a way to offer a unique opportunity to our team members to also be inspired, to learn, and to continue to grow throughout their season…

The Master’s Cabin is a new trade-based program which allows for friends and visitors who are passionate in diverse fields (such as art, wellness, fitness, and more) to visit Nimmo Bay in exchange for sharing their unique areas of expertise with our team, and on occasion, guests as well!

The ‘masters’ are provided with accommodation in a private float home, shared meals with the team and access to kayaks, paddle boards and hiking trails. Through this program, they, in turn, agree to offer the time and space to share their knowledge, skill, talent and passion with interested team members.

It has been a delight to offer this opportunity to the team to connect with a ‘master’ who has achieved excellence in their field. To date, we have welcomed a martial arts instructor, a tattoo artist, a fitness coach, an osteopath, a landscape artist and a foraging expert!

When you are at Nimmo Bay next, don’t forget to ask if there is anyone staying in the Master’s Cabin!

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