Spring, a time when everything in nature around us, and within us, is changing with a fresh breath of life and hope. In May and early June, the rainforest comes alive with the resounding symphony of the new season. We invite you to experience this time of awakening and renewal at Nimmo Bay, with our Nature and Nurture Retreat.

5 Reasons To Visit Nimmo Bay This Spring

#3. Nourish From Within

Energize, satisfy, and inspire! Eating is one of the great joys of life and at Nimmo Bay, food has always been a part of the adventure while remaining deeply rooted in the region. No matter what time of year you visit, locally sourced ingredients and seasonally inspired menus will nourish you from the inside out. Our ancestors ate according to seasonal availability and our creative kitchen team honours this timeless approach, connecting with the surrounding environment. Celebrate the season of new beginnings with fresh, spring flavours sure to delight.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf

Check back as we share a series of blog posts, featuring our top 5 reasons why you should book a trip to Nimmo Bay this spring…

The experiences, the lessons, the inspirations, the connections, the memories – your wilderness story is just waiting to be written! Come and see what we are talking about, spring is just around the corner and space is limited.

Enhancements to our Nature and Nurture Retreat may include a Wilderness and Wildlife Adventure, a Helicopter Adventure, or a Wild Within Wellness Experience – please contact our team for more details.

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Words: Caitlin Hedley