** March 6th, Update **

Nimmo Bay’s Youth Connections Program is just around the corner and in order to fill all placements in the program, we are offering a 25% discount on paid participants!

Registration and tuition directly support a youth with barriers to participate in this program. Scholarships are funded in part by Nimmo Bay and regular tuition fees but can also be funded by the support of outside donors. Our discounted student tuition fee is $6,000 + tax (CAD) which covers the cost of the applicant plus helps support a student with barriers to join the program. Supporting our local community’s youth through access to tourism, employment, and self-discovery of skills is part of Nimmo Bay’s core values.

In May 2020, the team at Nimmo Bay is facilitating an exciting program for youth to access training and development through the lens of tourism. Staged in the Great Bear Rainforest, we are inspiring another generation to grow and build careers through this instructive youth program. 

Who do you know in your community that would interested in this opportunity?

Mission Statement: To provide exposure, support, and real-world training to youth for employment opportunities in sustainable tourism, while fostering a deeper sense of connection and empowerment inspired by the natural environment of British Columbia’s coast.

When: May 7 to 11, 2020

Where: Nimmo Bay, British Columbia

Who: This is a unique opportunity for any youth, ages 16-19, who are interested in learning and experiencing what working in an outdoor environment entails.

Successful applicants will get to take part in this transformative wilderness experience while also helping to provide the opportunity for other youth to attend who have barriers to accessing this kind of program

Scholarships are funded in part by Nimmo Bay and regular tuition fees but can also be funded by the support of outside donors. Supporting our local community’s youth through access to tourism, employment, and self-discovery of skills is part of Nimmo Bay’s core values. If funding a scholarship is of interest to you, please inquire with our office team.

More About The Program

The program incorporates character development, leadership skills, and personal empowerment. This is delivered in combination with the practical skills needed to access long-term employment in the sustainable and fulfilling field of nature tourism. We foster and support a connection between the youth and the coastal environment, wildlife, themselves, and each other.

This 5-day intensive program will include group management, risk mitigation, leadership and communication training, hospitality skills, and practical marine and land-based guiding skills. Practical applications will consist of kayaking, boat-handling skills, navigation and chart reading, weather pattern analysis, bear and wildlife behaviour education, and world-class standard hospitality training mentored by Nimmo Bay’s highly trained staff.

This program aims to connect with youth at a crucial time in their life and to provide an experience that is empowering, encouraging, and educational. It is the intent that participants will use their experience at Nimmo Bay as a grounding place from which they can feel safe and supported, before using their newly cultivated technical and personal skills towards passions, careers, and lives that highlight the value of nature-based tourism as an emerging and prosperous employment sector.

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Words: Avery Lapour, 2019 Youth Connections Participant

Sustainable tourism is a concept of visiting a place as a tourist and trying to make a positive impact on the environment, society, and economy.

For a week, I was tucked away with 13 strangers in the Great Bear Rainforest. I was blessed to be given a sponsored trip from Elkay Manufacturing to experience life in the raw. Getting ready for this trip, I had no idea where I was wanting to go with my life. I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted out of life. I was starting to fall down a bottomless void of self-deprecation. I knew I wanted to learn and to be a part of the moment. I didn’t want to sit in a classroom and learn about faraway places and cultures out of a book. I wanted to feel alive and be present.

Being at Nimmo Bay with these 13 strangers for 4 days changed my whole mindset about life. I was surrounded by people with different backgrounds, with different values, and together we learned how our small impact could help save the state of the world. Together we grew, we learned how to live off the land, to appreciate the land we had been blessed with. A family was created, we shared a love so strong, we were connected. I wish my words could do this place justice for what it has done for me in my life. I sat in the quiet for hours, listening to the glacier water rush around me reflecting on not only myself, but the people around me and what I can do for them. How we can all be one. How complete strangers can come together in such a loving way no matter their backgrounds or beliefs. Together we can all find some way to come as one and take care of the place that takes care of us.

Thank you, Nimmo Bay, for giving me a family, for letting us become completely transparent.

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