Holistic Bodywork Practitioner & Yoga Instructor

SARAH was born and raised on B.C.’s west coast and is a certified bodywork practitioner and yoga instructor. She graduated with honours from the Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage and is trained in a variety of modalities of massage including Swedish, deep tissue, joint release, reflexology, posture analysis, aromatherapy and Indian head massage; which she weaves together into an integrative style to provide a treatment that is unique to you and your needs. Her yoga classes are gentle, with an emphasis on breath-work and meditation. She trained in classical theatre, a study which brought her to deeper enquiry about the human body and awareness. Having witnessed the profound impact that bodywork and yoga can have, Sarah is thrilled to be aligned in a profession that supports health and wellness of both mind and body.

Signature Treatment: SOMATIC BLISS with SARAH

Delve into an inward journey of stillness through a specially selected sequence of restorative yoga postures accompanied by gentle hands-on adjustments, guided meditation and breathwork. To finish, transcend deeper into bliss with foot reflexology and an Ayurvedic inspired head massage.


Holistic Bodywork Practitioner & Yoga Instructor

BIANCA graduated with honours from the Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage. Her style is largely influenced by the Deep Flow teachings of Mylène Bergeron, which draws on manual therapy, breathwork, mindfulness and the anatomy of movement. Working in the field of Wellness, Bianca noticed that many people often arrived to class or their treatment with a very tightly wound nervous system. With this in mind, her style of yoga and bodywork is generally slower paced and mindful to bring the nervous system into a state of rest and relaxation. In her treatments, Bianca weaves several modalities of bodywork together to create a treatment that is unique to your needs, leaving you feeling renewed and empowered.

Signature Treatment: RESTORATIVE BODYWORK with BIANCA 

This practice places a deep emphasis on settling the nervous system by merging restorative yoga with manual therapy. A tailored restorative yoga series, including hands-on bodywork and myofascial release, will help us to work together to identify holding patterns in the body and any limits to the breath. This treatment will help to enhance the body and breath connection and aid in releasing limiting movement patterns held within our posture. This is primarily practiced on the floor with the use of props, however, we may move to the table for some portions of the treatment. The incorporation of essential oils and energy work into this treatment will help to bring the nervous system into a deeper state of rest, so you can float off into the rest of your day.


Registered Massage Therapist & Yoga Instructor

NICOLE graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2017. Her therapeutic techniques include myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy, craniosacral therapy and Swedish relaxation. Nicole enjoys being a part of the healing journey of her patients by holding a safe space for growth and healing in a comfortable environment. Nicole grew up in the Okanagan where she trained as a competitive swimmer. This evolved into a passion for surfing when she moved to the island at age 19. She strongly believes that massage therapy and yoga are complementary practices that—especially when combined—have the potential to build and drive a strong, well-balanced, and healthy life for any individual. Nicole’s style of yoga is a dynamic vinyasa practice that she tailors to her student’s needs, whether you are new to yoga or an advanced practitioner. The focus of her class is on breath, presence, and postural alignment. Through playful movement, she invites you to dive deeper into the mind-body connection.

Signature Treatment: YANG TO YIN with NICOLE

Beginning with an in-depth personalized consultation, you will gain a better understanding of your bodies chronic patterns of tension. Fascial restrictions will be addressed in this all-encompassing treatment. Deep tissue massage will focus on aligning your body’s deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. Joint play will improve your bodies range of motion and encourage ease and flow as you move throughout the day. To finish, tap into your body’s innate wisdom and return to a state of balance with the long, nourishing holds of craniosacral therapy.

Please note that availability of signature treatments will be based on which practitioners are on-site at the time of booking.

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