Local Ingredients

At Nimmo Bay, we have an extensive selection of local foods available for you to experience. We believe your food shouldn’t travel further than you do, so we choose local sustainable providers for our ingredients. Local salmon caught and cleaned nearby, oysters harvested just further down the island and tender meats from local farms, all paired with exceptional local beers and wines. We bring the best of BC to your plate, and we think you’ll appreciate and notice the difference.

Meet The Chef

Sandi Irving
A west coast girl through and through – Sandi grew up in Northern BC, but has made Victoria her true home. Her passion for food started at an early age, and Sandi decided to complete her culinary art apprenticeship at Camille’s Fine West Coast Dinning in Victoria. She then continued to work in some of Victoria’s finest restaurants such as Sooke Harbour House.
Now working her fourth season at Nimmo Bay, Sandi loves the wilderness, the adventure and the fresh local cuisine Nimmo Bay offers and is always cooking up delicious gourmet meals in the kitchen.