National Geographic Traveller — Luxury Collection explores how the nature of luxury travel has changed to one-of-a-kind encounters with cultures, wildlife, and adventures.



Editor’s Letter:

Luxury travel used to evoke images of butlers, private jets and five-star hotels. as the world has become smaller and the nature of travel itself has changed, it’s come to be more about seeking unique and indelible experiences rather than isolating yourself in ostentatious comfort.
It’s become more about one-of-a-kind encounters with other cultures, wildlife, and adventures. It’s also about conscious travelling and minimizing your impact on the environment wherever you go.
Inside, we touch on the companies and destinations setting a greener path, as well as other trends in the world of luxury travel. These include high-end adventure, tailored travel for one-off experiences and upscale wildlife encounters.
There’s also our annual roundup of resorts, hotels, lodges, cruises, and other luxury offerings to consider for your next trip.
-Tamsin Wressell, Editor

We are honoured to be featured in National Geographic Travellers – Luxury Collection annual roundup, along with fellow Canadian resorts and adventure experiences:

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