Awards and Accolades

In 1999, the Government of British Columbia presented Nimmo Bay with the Environmental Award for Industry, Business, and Labour, and in 2005, the B.C. government recognized Nimmo Bay Resort as the Province’s first official Stewardship Partner of the 50,000 square miles of land and water we operate in.

Today, we continue to explore the endless possibilities to keep our tourism industry sustainable, and we maintain our efforts to keep tourism as a central focus of local and provincial governments, despite the efforts of extraction industries (e.g. logging, mining) knocking at our door. We believe our industry must begin to think about the “triple bottom line” approach, and realize that this way of thinking will lead to a profitable business, community employment, and environmental sustainability.

We do it because we love the area, because it’s right, and because we want to ensure future generations have the ability to explore our incredible natural environment.