Stewards of Sustainability

Nimmo Bay is a wonderful marriage between the business world and the conservation ethic. Sustainable tourism is our future and Nimmo Bay is proud to be a member of the first sustainable tourism collective in Canada. This collection of resorts, adventures, and hotel properties focuses on developing the best sustainable environmental practices for improved tourism business growth in B.C.

Low Environmental Impact

At Nimmo Bay, our guest accommodations, operational quarters, and staff buildings are built on the water at the edge of the forest, on a rocky promontory. Our presence has not impacted the surrounding forest or disturbed any of the wildlife habitat because we have maintained an eco-friendly approach from the beginning. Our guests are happy to see we operate in sync with the natural environment.

Climate Friendly

We accept the necessity of becoming Climate Friendly, and we achieve this through Carbon Responsible actions for ourselves and our guests.
In our quest to become Climate Friendly, we have:

  • Installed a water-powered electricity system
  • Reduced our Greenhouse Gas emissions
  • Implemented a Hydroxyl waste management system
  • Adopted an Ecosystem-Based Management strategy
  • Defined our carbon emissions as accurately as possible

To offset our carbon footprints that can’t be further reduced, we have elected to be Carbon Responsible and purchase BC Beneficial Carbon Offsets.

Futures Forever Fund

Our “Futures Forever Fund” is designed for our guests to give back. This initiative, started in 2007, uses guest environmental donations to fund three important environmental initiatives:

  1. Offset greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) emanating from the Nimmo Bay Experience (including air travel from Vancouver to Port Hardy);
  2. Save our BC wild salmon from sea lice and chemicals caused by the current fish farming practices. Contributions support the efforts of the Raincoast Research Society and Alexandra Morton;
  3. Maintain advocacy work of our BC Wilderness Tourism Association to better represent the members of our Industry.
    After all is said and done, our economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of our environment.