Sustainability and Our Environment

The guest accommodations, operational quarters and staff buildings at Nimmo Bay Resort are built on the water, along the forest edge, and on a rocky promontory. Our presence has not impacted the surrounding forest or disturbed any of the wildlife habitat, because we’ve made a conscious effort to use an eco-friendly approach from the beginning. We believe that sustainability requires strategic planning and an inherent love for the environment, and our team is aware of the many concerns around living in a remote wilderness area.

Sustainable Initiatives – Ecosystem Based Management

We hire locally, buy locally, and provide local artists with a venue where global tourists can view their work. We prefer indigenous organic foods, and our seafood comes from local commercial fisherman only. Environmentally sound cleaning products are used for all cleaning, and special soaps and shampoos are provided for our guests.

Waste Management

Waste management is a very important part of our lives, and at Nimmo Bay, we employ several interesting initiatives to achieve and surpass present-day environmental compliance. A Hydroxyl waste management system has been in place for many years, converting the black and grey water produced at Nimmo Bay into nothing but clear, clean water to be returned to the surrounding environment. We recycle all applicable materials and transport all other wastes to the main recycling stations on Vancouver Island every four days. There is nothing remaining at Nimmo Bay to expose local wildlife to unnatural food sources or to soil our surroundings. We live by the adage “Take only photographs, leave only footprints”.