On the River with Grizzlies

Guests enjoy the natural green coast while traveling by boat 1.5 hrs to the head of Thompson Sound, deep into the Great Bear Rainforest. Once there, guests jump into a SUV for an adventurous 25 min drive past mountain slides along an old logging road. Guests hike deeper into the forest for about 5 mins to reach the Kakweiken River. They then make their way across the river in a small boat, which is on a pulley system.

On the other side of the river, guests complete another 5 min walk and then arrive to an A Frame cabin. Here they find a man-made fish ladder and water falls. Guests will sit and watch the salmon as they attempt to scale the waterfall and, hopefully, observe grizzly bears in their natural habitat while they hunt for food. It is here that mother bears teach their cubs how to fish and much much more.  A very special and adventurous day, which is included in our all-inclusive package.

The Kakweiken River is one of many different rivers in our area for great bear viewing. Depending on the day & the wildlife, we can chose from 4 different river systems accessible by boat and many more rivers accessible by helicopter. We have bear biologists available to accompany guests and can tailor any trip to the guest’s specific needs.